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VALENTINE’s DAY is OVER, but the LOVE continues on…………….

Valentine’s Day is OVER – but the LOVE continues on……………….   


The LOVE?  Not the ROSES?  Not the HEARTS?  Not all that RED in the HEARTS?   RED in the ROSES?       IMG_8539


NO.  And,


Yes.  The L O V E.


Of what?
Of blinding tiny sun dials whirring


Of the rugged Hills where you live


The NAME of the hills in French “Les Collines” (pretty eh?)


The breathtaking height and majesty of Ste Victorie


Montagne Sainte-Victoire

Montagne Sainte-Victoire (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The fact that Cezanne painted it over 60 times


The Energy of the Seaport in Marseille


Marseille Vieux Port

Marseille Vieux Port (Photo credit: Esme_Vos)


The quiet of the Port town in Cassis in Winter


The beauty of the Mediterranean in all it’s shades of bright blue, dark blue, angry black, foamy tide and glistening turquoise on your favorite day     IMG_8483


The SMILE on the Boulangerie clerk’s face when we tell her the pain (baguette) we took yesterday was fabulous (even though it’s exactly like all the other baguettes every morning, only this particular one was HEART shaped!)



The Freshly squeezed orange juice every single morning – no electric squeezer – all old fashioned manuel squeezing


The Médiathêque Marcel Pagnol (Library – Marcel Pagnol – in Aubagne)




The Discovery of Marcel Pagnol’s first edition books      IMG_8562


The Beauty of the words in those books of Pagnol


The FACT that your husband sits reading in the Library because he waits for you and all he can read in there is FRENCH!


The Discovery of a Spring water source where one can get their water in a jerrycan


libre  or FREE    – (story coming…….)                               IMG_8574


The wonder of the Cistern and that the Romans set up camp in this very place


The further wonder that it’s been there 2000 years before Christ.


The memories of a particular day, called VALENTINES DAY and the taste of the


chef’s best on your tongue even the next morning………The Beginning and his finale looked like this:


(Not wanting to brag personally, but still – bragging on HIM – THE CHEF


from ANGELINA – Cassis)


Here it is:






The kindness of perfect strangers. The pleasant and sincere greetings, the lilt in tone of a thank you for coming, the smile,  the movement of hand gestures that allows you to proceed, the shutting off of a leaf blower just so the worker can say “Bonjour” to you.      The unexpected e-mails, and facebook greetings from anyone and everyone –  family, people who we had thought “disappeared”……..


It’s a GIFT to open such e-mail! How wonderful to keep in touch with those you care about – all electronically!


The Love that she shares with her husband, amidst everything good, everything frustratingly difficult, amidst  language barriers, amidst failing eyesight,


amidst doctor’s visits and shots for her knees, amidst having to repeat things because he won’t wear the damn hearing aids, amidst hips colliding in too tight a kitchen, amidst laughter that is so strong it turns to tears, amidst the incredible odds of just being HERE………


THANK YOU FOR THE LOVE — whether it be strangers, friends, close friends, family, and especially to the person I love.    🙂


(The freshly squeezed orange juice too)   😉


freshly squeezed orange juice

freshly squeezed orange juice (Photo credit: Geoff Peters 604)



I Love You


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  1. Such a great Valentine’s Day!!! Yes, the love continues on….everyday is so special with you!

    February 16, 2013
  2. Amy Sanchez #

    Love and miss u guys. Living happily in the U.S.A. And wishing to win the lotto so we, Dave and I can visit soon. Who knows, when we have American passes, maybe we can fly right into Marseille? We’ll come and spread more of the LOVE!!!

    February 17, 2013

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