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NO, I do NOT HAVE THREE HEADS and numerous arms……

Statue of a white Ganesha with several heads a...

Statue of a white Ganesha with several heads and arms, wearing a red and a yellow flower garland. From Mumbai, India. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This evening,  I had 3 heads and probably numerous arms…….

atleast from the looks of them looking at me, it seemed I might have had…….

But it was necessary to get away from Mr. Mold and the FIXIT man who was jack hammering his way into the solid concrete  black ceiling/wall  of our tiny apartment.

Mr Fix-it Man -for the mold

Mr Fix-it Man -for the mold

Driving me INSANE, it was.     He was trying to allow ventilation in that corner of the room  so that the mold would go away.  (or, atleast, should.  )


I trekked up the hill  to the local  Camp ground to meet some new people and inquire about campers on wheels.   There is a special bar  and area  for playing their boules game.

The French are funny.  If you meet them on their own turf, say a shop, a restaurant,

walking along the street, anywhere, almost,  you are greeted with perfunctory kindness,

perhaps just a nod, a “bonjour”   and even carrying a heavy suitcase down the metro stairs, they won’t skip a beat to pick it up for you and take it to the bottom of the stairs.  It’s amazingly sweet.

BUT –  if you’re in a territory that is exclusive, and seem to be invading their turf that you are not a part of – you are looked upon   – as  – somewhat odd.

That territory for me was the campground at Les Cigales, in Cassis.

Basically this had been a “to do activity” in order  to talk to some campers about their Camping experience over a Pastis, perhaps,  and hopefully find someone with one of those discontinued  T5’s – or California T5,  made by Volkswagon.

Interior in a Volkswagen Westfalia Camper.

Interior in a Volkswagen Westfalia Camper. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It didn’t go very well.

After watching a game of Boules – (actually PETANQUE) as it’s called down South  here –

I spoke to the bartender  as to what I was looking for in camper’s experiences and camping vehicles  and could he help?

Simple Information.  Yes?         No.

He was a very nice bartender and called the “head of the Petanque” guy over –

Français : Génolhac (Gard, Fr), l'esplanade un...

Français : Génolhac (Gard, Fr), l’esplanade un jour de concours de boules. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He had been out in the tiny gravel dirt “Boules area” taking in the last remaining sun of the day.  A very cool breeze was taking over.  When you watch the game of Petanque, the players love an audience.  In this case, I WAS the audience.

Everybody else was either heading for their campers or feeding babies, or not interested in the least.  I was  – however.  Seriously am planning to put my husband out there to play with these guys soon.

But the introduction to the “main player” was cooler than the breeze coming in……


David and I are not in the market for a T5 – a “CALIFORNIA T5” that is the updated version of the VOLKSWAGON CAMPER

because they are over 45,000 euros.

But renting one – is a possibility.  My asking this fellow about what I – we were interested in,  didn’t go over very well.  He spoke in half French, half English and for some unexplained reason felt threatened about my questioning ( of him)  or any of his camper friends.   Perhaps I should have said “ Oh my,  I’ve watched you for three-quarters of an hour now and you appear a master of this game!! “  —although I have no idea if that would have been true or not.    It appears simple but seems to become complicated with all the measuring after a while.  ANYWAY, he turned and left me and started back to his game of Petanque with the sun setting.   That was my cue to leave.

Suffice it to say, I left, with others looking at me with a vivid discussion of  “ – that was really rude how he treated you – “ and my saying to the bartender that I would be back – that we lived just down the hill and we would love to come back to his establishment at another time.-and ask people about their precious campers, regardless of whether they wanted to really tell us about them or not.

I’ll have to think of a new strategy.

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