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Oh! That’s right! I live here. Or did. And I have a home, a very cute “cottage-y home” in Overland Missouri, actually it’s Saint Louis.  We have been here for as long as Gracie has been born…..almost 13 years.  She just turned 12.  It was so beautiful to see all of the family, all who reside in greater Saint Louis.  I could tell you that my family is the greatest and the most talented and the best looking and shower so much love to the offspring that they have been blessed with, but all that’s a given. And then you would tell me that, “Sorry Marti, but mine fits that description and it is not possible  that more than one fits that description so I’m afraid it’s my family.”  HA!  And that is fine, because that, actually is the way it should be.   We all have a very special and individualistic place in our hearts for our children and grands and nothing and no one can change our minds about our very own.  

So, with that said, I am blessed – blessed – blessed to have the family that I have, and though I will miss them immensely when I return to France, we are all “techi’s” more or less and with e-mails, Skype, i-movie, Facetime, videos, etc – we stay firmly connected – even 6,000 miles away.  PLUS, 5 of them are coming to the Oldfield Apartment in PARIS this Spring.  How lucky is that?!?! 

Till my return to France and resume my blog –  – – – – – – To All – a Happy, Glorious, and Prosperous New Year!


So, are they getting OUT on that huge AIRBUS, across the Big Blue Ocean Tomorrow – or NOT?

Time will tell.  We have no idea.  This is the plight of pass-riders, A/K/A non-revs, staff, 5th class citizens. But I’m NOT complaining. I am so very grateful for the opportunity to fly this way after working and retiring with my airline of my “career”.   But there is now a STRIKE on in PARIS with the AIRPORT SECURITY people, and I understand, yeah, they’re probably underpaid, overworked, whatever, and strikes, and “manifestacion”,(protest) are the way they get things resolved in France. If I have to be inconvenienced a little because of their plight, whatever it is, then so be it.  I would rather be here, amidst the strikes, then not.  I’ll take them, inconvenient as they are.   Tomorrow looks good for First Class, but I doubt we’ll be able to see that one.  Oh well. Stayed tuned.  It will not be until 48 hours after this post though because we will have NO INTERNET!!!

Marti Party

and Papa’O

The Story of the RED BOOTS


Relaxing before shopping

THE STORY OF THE RED BOOTS – how when you think you’re not suppose to have something – and you actually PRAY about it – stranger things can happen……

Several weeks ago my friend Amy came to visit me in Paris.  It was the most wonderful time having “girl time” with her and her BEAUTIFUL daughter Sarah.  Amy is full of devilish playful behavior and sometimes at the most unexpected times.  She can also be, amidst the humor, very psychoanalytical to the point it makes you think — Hard.  I don’t know where she get this from, oh yes, maybe it was all that therapy.  LOL.  Well, towards the end of her stay we went shopping in the Marais.  We hadn’t gone there for shopping per se, we had basically wanted to have a really good, tasty,  filling and inexpensive lunch, which doesn’t exist in Paris, except in the Marais at L’as du Fallafel

– the place I’ve been trying to get a falafel pita for several years now but the first time I went years ago, David ‘s uncle nixed the idea, I’m not sure why. Now we were here, it wasn’t the usual super long line that it is on Saturday and we had our fabulous lunch with some red wine.  I read that you’re suppose to try their famous lemonade with it, but I didn’t know that so,  next time!    After we ate,  Amy went to look for a New Year’s Eve dress that she would need because she was going to a wedding in Buffalo for New Years.  I am thinking….there is no way that Amy is going to find an affordable dress here in the Marais, but I won’t dampen her enthusiasm, and let her do what she needs to do.  She found this shop , she goes in and David and I hang outside in the cold waiting for her to try on several dresses.                          

Several times I went back in and saw that she had actually found a striking dress that was not that expensive and was something that she would not have gotten back in the States, for sure.  While she was doodling about with this dress – I went next door and looked at these awesome red boots in the window.  I went in and priced them and decided, there was no way I could ever get those boots.

Then, I went back to Amy and she was getting the dress  and they were wrapping it so beautifully.  It was a  joy to see  she found something so special and glad too that she was DONE!  Now we could move on.  I went back to the boot store a second time, showed them to Amy, and we moved on.

As we continued our long walk back to metro and then train we shared more fun stories and were louder than anyone else on the train because NO one talks loud on the metro or the train.  If they talk , it’s in whispers.  I’m sure we gave away that we were A M E R I C A N S because we talked and laughed LOUDLY.  It’s embarrassing actually, when you realize that you’re the only one doing this and then it’s like being in church where everything  strikes you funny and then you start laughing even more than normally.  It’s vicious!  Well, Amy  left me to go back home a couple of days later.  Several days after she left I went back to the Marais and looked at “my” red boots again.  I wasn’t going to try them on, even though she asked me to – and I was sure they wouldn’t have my big size anyway.  I just wanted to “feel “ them because they were so luscious.

Now, this being said, it is not that shoes play a particular importance for me.  I usually get one really nice pair of walking shoes a year because I have super bad knees and if I have good walking shoes it makes a huge difference in how your knees feel at the end of a long walking day.

I don’t walk much in the States, but here, I walk plenty, usually 2 or more hours a day.  Some days it’s an all day long affair.

But, there was something about these soft leather red boots that just didn’t leave me and I knew that they would probably be good to walk in all day because of the way  in which they were constructed, the low heel and the baby soft calf leather.  They were also a name I had never heard before so later I googled the name and realized they were a particular designer shoe and there was no way in the world I could or should buy a designer shoe.  That just wasn’t me.

Another week goes by and I have not only mentioned the red boots as a barometer for everything that I will need in the rest of my living days but nothing, absolutely nothing goes past the gauge of the “red boots”.   “Yeah, well, it would be nice to upgrade the iPhone but that would be a pair of red boots.”     No, if we went to eat at that restaurant tonight, I could almost afford my red boots”.  If we don’t go home for Christmas, I could afford my red boots.”  It just became a joke – and we laughed and laughed about this.  The red boots became great fun fodder.      They had a hold on me.

The next week I had a knitting class but decided to go to the Marais  first and “check” on my boots.

That was the story I wrote about waiting as 5 trains past me by because I couldn’t read the metro map as there were so many changes in getting from Gare du Nord to the St Paul Metro, the exit for the Boot SHOP!  Well, I got to St Paul so late, I had to completely nix the boot “check” and go back to the church where I could knit.  Long story short, I never made it because I got totally lost on the streets.

Well, last night was the last time I could do any shopping for anyone in my family before going home.  Then we heard that there was a strike going on at the Paris airports and it looked like we would not get out when we wanted to so this would be a disappointment, but there’s always Christmas day.  (Usually strikes and whatever else are OVER by the time Christmas actually comes around) and if we had to go on Christmas,it was better than not going home at all –  so we would do it. ) Therefore,  last night was the last time to really shop.   I went thinking,” this is the last time I can find a few things and I’ll go check my boots out! “



Yes, my boots were still in the window.  The long ones, the shorter ones.  She greeted me as she always does, with such a pleasant smile and motioned me to sit down and to please try them on.  “SIT DOWN! – On THAT tiny stool practically equal to the FLOOR, are you KIDDING me?” Well, I did NOT say that, but was so thinking that because truth be told, my KNEES, they do not bend that far.  What is this arthritic BABCIA  doing in this mod place with cool boots in the FIRST place?  Ah yes, Most of the time I feel 33, not 63, so ” sit your butt down Marti and  just DEAL WITH IT!” I tell myself this.     Then I told her my size.  “Oh”, she said sadly, “we only have a 36”  I knew a 36 would not even fit my big toe, so I said, okay, well, can I try on a 40 in the other color.  She hands me a brown boot, the low-cut and it fits beautifully, but it’s wrong.  It’s the wrong color.  I just bought a pair of (cheap) brown boots at the flea market the week before.  They kill my feet, but I take another pair of shoes with me if my 2 hours of walking turns into 4 or 5.  It works.  Well, she checked one more time and said, “I’m so sorry, I do not have your size. I know what you need, and ..” I interrupted her and said, ‘BUT!  You will have more of this designer boot in the spring, right?”  And she sadly shook her head and said in her broken English  “I am sorry, we change designers every season and  feature a new one, – This boot is finished.”   “Oh. Okay”, I say.

Well, I got up , thanked her very much for all her help as they really do go out of their way to make things work and try to help in a way that I’ve never been helped buying shoes before.  Then as I started walking the streets of the Marais, I decided to just enjoy the  lovely shops everywhere.   I did find some lovely little things for my family and it was fun to check out colors and styles…..Thinking, when I get back home, this is the style and this is the color, and maybe, just maybe, KOHLS or  JC PENNEY will have SOMETHING similar and 1/2 the price?  (Doubt it. )  I checked out 4 or 5 more shoe stores, all with the most lovely of shoes – but never did I see another pair of red boots like I had seen in that little shop.  They were no where. And the ones that were there – were gone.  Finished.

I checked in with David on my cell phone and he said that the party was on – that spouses were invited (when originally  – partners  – spouses were NOT to come) so I headed out. I didn’t tell him that the boots were FINI  that would be later.  As I walked, I thanked God for the opportunity to just W A L K.  And for WALKING in this city, and for the lovely things that were always meeting my in the eye and beholding lovely creations, lovely architecture, lovely lovely people, everywhere I went.  I was grateful for EVERYTHING that was coming down on me like a warm sensuous shower even as I walked in cold windy outdoor weather.  Then I said something to God….and it was this.  “God, I know that if I’m suppose to have a pair of boots like I’ve seen and  fallen head over heals for – that if I’m to have them, something will happen and you will see that I get them. I’m grateful for what I do have, and I feel just fine without them because if I was meant to have them, it would have worked out. Thank you Thank you Thank you for what you have given me already.  Just being here is the best gift.”  Now, I know some of you reading this will definitely think that praying to God in this way is totally ridiculous and inane.  That God has no time for deciding whether a person gets a pair of boots or not, he’s very busy with WARS and Children and  people with no hope and natural disasters and on and on.  But I don’t believe that He doesn’t care about the most minuscule thing in a person’s life. Especially a person that believes in Him and knows that He is the owner of their salvation.  That is my belief and I know it to be true.

When I told David after the party that the boots “were finished” as she put it,  he felt bad but I told him I did not,  and not to worry. I was fine with it.

Today when he went in to do his teaching, he said that something just came over him – for him to go to the Marais afterwards and try to find me those boots.  He remembered that I said they had sold out – all finished, but he went anyway.  When he entered that little shop, the sales clerk remembered him (but of course, we had been there how many times?) and she said,” I know, I saw your wife last night.  We do not have a 40 and she needs a 40.  I had the brown but she said she had already bought a pair of brown boots.”  Then David looked at her and she looked at him, like there was nothing more to say, but sorry again, which she did, and then there was silence.  All of a sudden, she takes her scanner and goes under the counter and starts frantically scanning every pair under there.  All of a sudden she looks up – and her face goes almost white and she says, ‘Oh, I’ve made a mistake !!!  I have a 40 here, in red, the cropped boot….I didn’t know I had anymore!   is that okay?”  And David says, UH, YEAH!! I THINK SO!!!”  And she just shakes her head like she cannot believe that, voila – here, right here is this box with a pair of red boots in it – 40 – (my size,)  and she looks at David like she can’t believe this is happening – either.  David said it was just he and the sales girl in there and it was an almost surreal moment, because she honestly was so shocked that there was a pair left and that it was going to  fit me and David was also shocked that she was even telling him all of this.

So, long story short, I had my Christmas early, because had he tried to take them to St Louis then the Vat Tax guy would say, “Show me the goods” and then the “SURPRISE” would no longer be a surprise, so instead, he gave them to me tonight.  That is my story, and it is a story of giddy happiness, and surprise and wonderment, that this ‘ole BABCIA/grandma can still end up with a total lovely gift, surprised beyond surprised, thankful and not quite sure how it all came about, but also knowing that this thing called “prayer” works in so many mysterious ways  and it isn’t the first time!



The CHRISTMAS Party, a/k/a Office Christmas Party

There was a smashing good time at the CHRISTMAS office party tonight at the flat of the “big guy”. Yes, this is code for another word.  I can’t tell you what an eye opener it was to attend this party.      

And, If I go into detail and mention the name of David’s employer, or where he works, he may not work there any more.  I need to keep him working there!  It’s all subterfuge, really, kind of like those brave people who worked for MI5 and could never say a word.  Suffice it to say, it is NOT a FRENCH company.  There. I’ve said it. Go figure it out.  Anyway, the people were lovely, all the co-workers of his were very kind, and of course the champagne was flowing and so were people’s words.  I’m wondering if the things “promised to be sent to me by email” will actually get sent because I don’t think a soul will remember one word  that was spoken,   truth be told. I was half minded to tell them anything when asked “and what do you do?” because it would have been so fun to say, “Oh, I’ve been  studying the last 4 full-blooded  Tasmanian Aborigines and the book I’ve just completed on this study is to be published  in French and out in 2012.!”   No one would know?  Right?  Instead, I asked them about THEM & that is always the way to do it in Academic settings such as these.    It was really good champagne, so much so, that we left before even getting David’s gift (exchange), so that was the way it was.  Everyone would be there until after midnight and there was much dancing going on in the one of many rooms of this palatial flat.  The evening was most merry and I love that this was actually called a CHRISTMAS PARTY and the invitation actually allowed a Christmas Tree on the letterhead with a tiny Santa at the bottom.   Lovely, being included  at a real CHRISTMAS Party,  not HOLIDAY party!!   I could not believe the size of this place, the lovely marble stairs

Lovely stairs

going up to the high floor but especially loved the ceilings.  The ornate ceilings inside were simply “jaw dropping”  should you be able to look up for any length of time. (“Oh, Hi, yes, it’s not that I’m not interested in what you’re saying, it’s just that the CEILING, is just so beautiful., so sorry, DO go on….” 😉

This particular apartment was on a most prestigious Boulevard in a famous arrondissement. I had to laugh, because there was ONE wait staff person (actually the BUTLER)  handling all of this food and champagne and soft drinks for about 65 persons. When Melanie and I have done parties like this we’ve had at least three people working them.  I took a picture of “The Bar” for her  because it was not as we would have expected it to be.

Exhibit #1 –  ” The Bar”

The "Bar" with Guests....

In the States we would have had all the drinks in lovely oval brass buckets surrounded by massive amount of ice (as seen here                    )

This would do for me & Melanie! Every liquor known to man, teeny little slivers of lemon rind, tiny cuts of limes, toothpicks, olives, teeny white onions, cherries,  everything to make whatever cocktail was needed.  We’d have carted platters of hor’s doeuvres (which they certainly had here as well) , but they were placed on the long table, more than carried about for people to ever so gingerly pick up and place on their napkin.  When we left the party, it was raining pretty hard, so thankfully I had my ever present umbrella by my side and we walked to our Metro in shivering rain, along Pont Alexandre, passing the Eiffel Tower in all it’s majesty as it was on the hour now and lights were shimmering mightily.                                         Pont Alexandre and Eiffel in  Fog.  

Pont Alexandre & Eiffel in FOG

My son, The Miami Dolphin’s Fan has Found the Perfect Gift for his Lovely Wife

Never need to ponder what to get your gal for Christmas……it’s all right here at your local Bon Marche, the oldest department store in Paris – (1852)

Here it is – glimpse  and weep……….  THE DOLPHINS ENSEMBLE!!  STRAIGHT from BON MARCHE, in PARIS!!!

Miami Dolphins Ensemble

The Miami Dolphin's Ensemble

The Miami Dolphin's Ensemble

because it’s only 690 euros for the Dolphin Colored Orange Dress AND 690 for  the Dolphin Colored Turquoise Sweater making it a total of  1, 380 euros or

Gulp, $1.794.00

WHOA, such a bargain!!!  I’ll take one of each!

Ratatouille LIVES – in a Restaurant near you! (In Paris)

my Ratatouille - in Paris

He really was cute, but honestly, in a restaurant, – in PARIS?   Ofcourse.!  It’s Ratatouille!!! While I was lost one evening, I went to the brightest light hanging outside this cafe.  As I searched my map for the street I was on, something came into my eye range and I glanced over and it was RATATOUILLE running along the floor.  I was fascinated,  so I chased him with my camera.  He started going towards a couple who were in deep conversation – and through the glass I could see the ceiling of the cafe all the way to the floor…’s very open.  Now, you would say how disgusting this is that there is a MOUSE in this place of EATING, much less that I am following it.  I tried to let the couple know what was coming there way, but the screams that would result, were very clear in my imagination, and honestly, that  would just NOT be right . – Everything was so peaceful at that moment, the couple in their conversation, me, the lost soul outside the cafe, watching the peril within……. Yes,  the cafe was very peaceful, -why motion this mouse to  this couple and risk an unpleasant scene?   So, I took a picture of him instead as he scampered away. I thought to myself, how many restaurants in all of  America have something like this occasionally,  but no one can see them because the restaurants are usually fortress like  places, never opened from floor  to ceiling, views out to the street for the world to see IN ….. and God forbid …..with lights everywhere on the outside and the inside a virtual interrogation like setting.  For Ratatouille anyway.  Here is my little guy……..

my ratatouille in Paris

Awwww…….would I never eat at this place because of him?  I imagine………..


This is France.  Ratatiouille ‘s are part of the ambience.  LOL

GETTING BEAUTIFULLY LOST in PARIS, (Trains, buses, walking)

First, it was time to do something different in the way of Paris’ awesome public transportation this day,  so I decided to take either bus 42 or 48 to places I knew those particular buses stopped and would be a short walk  to purchase the things I needed:   Office supplies, shoe store, souvenirs, food stuffs.   Simple,  one thinks.  Only, this time I didn’t take the stairs at this huge Gare de Nord, because my knees were bothering me and took the elevator instead.  The elevator went to the wrong floor so I went back down. Then a woman got on with a baby in stroller and asked me to move in French.  So I moved over. From my vantage point I thought she was fine, but I wasn’t going to argue. The elevator opened, she got out and I went to the next floor.    The elevator then got stuck and I had 6 people looking in the glass elevator at me like – would you please open the door!!  I’m pressing every button, nothing is happening. Finally one Algerian gal just forced open the door and let me  out of that thing!  Whew!  When I entered the floor, I realized that it was NOT the floor for the BUSES, but the main floor for the METRO. (You’ve never seen so many floors for so many different trains and buses in your life!) So,  I thought ‘What the heck – just go for it Marti- even though you haven’t planned the trip on the  RATP site on your computer, go read the big maps next to the metro, and figure out the color coding and the direction and it’ll be fine .”  So, I did.  I stood looking at that  map so long that atleast 5 trains came by which I did not take because I couldn’t figure it out very well since there were a lot of changes and I was typing furiously in my little iPod all these stops, locations, directions.  Finally I had it figured out and got on the sixth train.

I was now starting out  from  Gare du Nord METRO, and would go to Reaumur Sebastopol in the direction of GALLIENA.  No problem.  I would get OFF at Arte Metiers.  (My favorite station – as it ‘s all in bronze). When I got off at Art Metiers I was to go towards 11 Brown or Marie Lilas.  When I did this it meant taking a multitude of stairs down, down and further down to the line. The train came just as I hobbled off the last step.  I got on the train and it started and the next stop was at REPUBLIC, so I was going the WRONG WAY.  I stayed on one more stop because I wasn’t fast enough to get off with the huge throng of persons, so I had to wait.  Finally got off at some little obscure station, went back up multitude of steps and over to the other side and got on the right train towards St Paul, yellow line.  Then I looked at my iPod and it was 4:48PM, so I needed to nix the St Paul stop altogether and not go look (again) at my favorite boots, (& see if they just might possibly be on sale),  but now go towards CHATELET – last stop – so I could walk to my church where the knitting class was held.  When I got off at CHATELET, I thought it was interesting because one could see the tops of the trains when walking over to the SORTIE (exit).  Now, the tops of these old metro trains are not beautiful, let that be said, but seeing them from up high and looking down at the top of them, and the trains themselves and the two directions from that standpoint is an interesting view.  There was a working escalator up to the street and that made my night,  so I took it and out to Rue de Rivoli I came!

I gathered my bearings and mentally thought of the map I had partially memorized and started walking towards Pont Neuf.   On the way I passed a multitude of beautiful stores, some with clothes that were quite affordable (especially ZARA)  — this was no Avenue Montaigne, or Rue Honore SO I was  pleased to see affordability.  Also, There was my old standard, H&M,  for inexpensive and fun knockoffs. Yes, even a Gram, such as I can wear some things, but they’re more for the grands. Well,  I found myself over by the Seine, because the signs were good and took me there and when they showed “PONT NEUF” I went in that direction.  But now I was walking along the Louvre, thinking, …”oh, just a little further and I’ll see the spires to the church”.  Well, there were no spires, but there were a lot of loving couples along the banks of the Seine, one in which I offered to take a picture of the TWO of them so they’d have a picture together – and they were pleased for me to take it.  Well, the Seine is a really long river and the Louvre just about as long and they were my two friends, side by side for a very very long time.  I looked at my iPod, I had been walking over an hour. Jardins de Tuileries come after the Louvre and that passed me by as well.   Finally I saw what I thought was Pont Alexandre, but didn’t want to go that far because the church was before that bridge, although David’s office was off that bridge, but it was the church that I was looking for at this time.  I crossed the pedestrian SOLFERINO bridge and now was in the Latin quarter.  I had  seen the steeples (before I crossed the bridge) and knew I was close.  But when I got there, everything was confusing, and the streets matched up to my book map, but it was very difficult to go in the right direction because there were large buildings or gardens that dead ended, keeping me from getting over to (what I thought was) the correct area.  What I did come across while ambling about in uncertainty, were an array of  lovely, old,  unusual, shops. The apartment buildings I passed were totally architecturally pleasing and as much as there are stone buildings packing the Seventh Arrondissement, they’re like snowflakes, everyone is so different! It was an unexpected bonus.  But, the legs are really tired now, the stomach is growling, it’s almost time for the knitting class to be over, and I’m now looking for a bus, any bus, that I can hop on.  I realize this could be a huge mistake if it’s ANY bus, because God only knows where I will end up, but then I remembered that one of the big maps said that “69” was Champ de Mars, which is the area by the Eiffel Tower, so as long as I got off somewhere near the Eiffel tower, I’d be able to find my husband’s work.  That is where I was headed now.  However, bus 69 did not come and did not show it’s face for over 40 minutes.  By now, I have written down, every boutique and shop on that street (as ones that I wanted to come back to later): Tartine et Chocolate, Jacadi, (window shopping, truth be told as  nothing is on my budget there for sure)  clothing shops,(Lou Lou) Children’s clothing shops with names like, (“Rose and Theo”) how fun is that?  shoe shops, stationary shops, (Papetier Graveur) wine shops,(Joel Robuchon’s, THE CAVE),  bookshops, incredible food shops, sushi bars, amazing little restaurants,   Who would think that waiting for a BUS could be so much fun?  Bus 69 did come, I hopped on, found a seat and watched where it was taking me.  I still wasn’t very sure where I was. Then I saw the Esplanade des Invalides, and thought, ‘This is it !  This is where my husband works, right along here.”  I hit the stop button, got off with others and started walking.  I absolutely could not find which direction to take.  I knew the Eiffel Tower, from David’s front door is across from it. I knew that Napolean’s tomb was to the left.  Everything was turned around and it was dark and I was so confused, had it been 2 hours now?   So I did what any frustrated and starving person would do – I stopped and looked at a menu in a cafe.  The maitre ‘d came out and asked if I would like to eat and I said, “I don’t know, I’m lost. If I buy something, will you help me find out where I need to go?”  He said “Yes” but honestly, he didn’t understand a word I said.  I went in, ordered some onion soup and a glass of wine and it was so great to just sit down.  My stomach was most thankful to be full again.  Before leaving,  one waiter looked at the map and then got the head guy to take a look at it.  When he did, I pointed out where I was according to the street signs above me –  Rue Grenelle and La Tour Mauborg.  He took the map and kept moving it around, then his body moved around  trying to get his bearings.  It was actually a relief to see someone who WORKS here, and LIVES here not be able to read the map any better than I, so that sort of made my evening, when I was beginning to feel really dumb.

He finally explained what I needed to do, but he said, “go left” when he was pointing with his right arm, so I questioned him on that and then he said, “Sorry, meant right” – and I was sure that it was going to work this time, so I headed off in the “right direction” – assuredly.

What I then saw was that the Eiffel tower was very close (too close) and the Tomb of Napolean was STILL on the WRONG side.  Ahhhh, I wanted it to be on the left side and the Eiffel tower in FRONT of me, then I would be able to find David’s work.  I crossed the street, kept walking a long distance, turned around and everything was where it should be and though I should have recognized his building, I didn’t yet, and then it came into view and voila!

I had it!  What a relief to find atleast ONE thing tonight that I had needed to find and even with maps, at night, it’s most confusing!  BUT,  now that I know where this is, and where I actually was and retraced it on the big map, I’ll know it like clockwork the next time.
All in all, getting lost IS the best way to see things in Paris, if you have the ability to walk long distances (which I don’t really), and if you want to find the most unusal stores ever, that you always wanted to (secretly find)  but would have never found  had you not gotten lost– it’s really not such a bad thing to do – in Getting Lost in Paris!!  🙂

Lunar Eclipse tonight – HumanKind Eclipsed

December 10th, 2011

I hear there is a Lunar Eclipse tonight.  I hope to see it.

What I did see, already, was touching and  should be shared, like a Lunar Eclipse, maybe coming away with a bit more appreciation of what we have and yet take for granted sometimes.

When I visited the Apple store at the Louvre yesterday I noticed some things that I would not have necessarily noticed  upon leaving there had I  1) not gotten lost once again in the basement of the louvre next to bountiful shops looking for the exit to the metro, and 2)  not been locked out by by Navigo Decouvert metro card.  Either it registered and I wasn’t fast enough to go through,  or ,  for whatever reason it just didn’t work.  I spent the next 8 to 10 minutes in “lockdown mode” before it would work again – looking at the metro map to make sure I knew my route before going into the metro to get to my friend Cate’s apartment.      I also stood by the ticket stalls watching people.  There was a tall scruffy man with his “earthly possessions” in a bag smiling as people walked by him, and before that he had been digging in the trash receptacle  pulling things out and placing them in his wrinkled bag.  When he got what he needed from the receptacle he stood by the handicap door leaning on it, pushing it, to no avail because these doors won’t open unless there is someone who 1) has a key or card for it to open, or 2) someone opens from the other side for them. I watched as most people either went through the stall closest to him, seeing him, but ignoring him, or they completely avoided the stall next to where he was standing and went to the other stall further away.  One woman, who looked an awful lot like “Grandma Betty”  started to go through the stall, but stopped short, looked at this fellow for a moment, watching him, intently, while others flew through the stalls as she had stepped off to the side.   Then she went through the stall closest to him, came out, turned around and opened the door for him from the other side.  He was able to get through now, and get on the metro with all his earthly possessions.    I am glad that my decouverte card stopped working for 8-10 minutes because I will now know what to do when these underprivledged/ or handicapped  people need to get through that door.  Now I know how it works !

Sometime later  I  left the American Church in Paris after working with the children and the “Blessing of the Greens” for Advent and the kid’s crafts – ( I helped them with cookie decorating)   then swept and washed up.  After this fun project was over,  I walked outside  and the most beautiful thing happened….. Outside the church,  which is next to the Seine, there was  a very strong misty rain, and I glanced over and  saw the bateau mouche with lights all aglow on the city and the misty rain  casting a halo like appearance on everything.  SO very  BEAUTIFUL!!  As I continue my walk on the Quai d’Orsay, – all of a sudden, out of no where,  there are these gorgeous bells ringing (probably from Notre Dame)  and it is the most  lovely thing to hear,  ever .  I cannot believe it.   My  walk continues down the wet street , the umbrella held high with not a care  at all that I’m getting wet because it is just so magical a moment……and I’m so thankful that I am here – I have so so very much to be thankful for and I don’t ever want to forget it.

Christmas Markets, Christmas Music, Lunar Eclipse, Poverty eclipsed……..

All the above – – – it’s coming – – – but first!  There is an array of things to be accomplished today and not sure what to do first….

Should it be:  Wash the new percale/cotton sheets and find someplace in this apartment to hang them dry, or forget that and get me and my hair washed and out the door so that I can take the train, and then take Bus 48 towards Poissoniere where there’s a OFFICE DEPOT, of all things , and  that way I could COPY my pen drive that really needs to be copied……OR should I head over to the Marais and check to see if those beautiful red leather boots are still there?  All of this before 5pm where I must get to my KNITTING class at the church…..Oh!  Decisions, Decisons!! And SO many STORIES – good thing I have a non usable iPhone that can atleast record my notes because everyday, every SINGLE day, there is a story to be told out of the most simple things that meet the eye, the ear, or all of the senses combined…….

Instead of Swiss mountains, we've got La Defense in the background!!


This is where I am – So above stories are on hold for a day……..

Later Read more

Sadness, even at this beautiful time of year

December 8th 2011

I have nothing to say today.  I am knitting a lot …..  also praying for my childhood friend, from pre-school, who was to be a grandma today, but the baby was lost.  Why did God want this baby in heaven?

It saddens my heart and I need to pray for this family!

Update:  Baby B has now gone to his earthly resting place  – but he is not there, but with Jesus.

2nd baby came early (for her other child) who went into labor too early – probably on hearing the news of her brother’s heartbreak.  It is a boy – and is in intensive care with lung issues.  Please pray,  pray,  pray……for this baby, this family!!  I cannot put names because of their privacy, but God knows who you are praying for…just the same.

God’s Word has the answers you need, but you’ve got to read it! You say, ‘But I’m not sure where to start.’ Here are some helpful Scriptures from the New Living translation: When you are worried: 1 Peter 5:7 NLT: ‘Give all your worries…to God…he cares about you.’ Philippians 4:6 NLT: ‘Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything…’ Psalm 62:6-7 NLT: ‘He…is my rock and my salvation…I will not be shaken…’ Isaiah 26:3 NLT: ‘You…keep in perfect peace all who trust in you…whose thoughts are fixed on you!’ Deuteronomy 31:6 NLT: ‘…the Lord…will…go ahead of you. He will neither fail you nor abandon you.’ When you are heartbroken: Psalm 147:3 NLT: ‘He heals the broken hearted and bandages their wounds.’ Psalm 23:4 NLT: ‘Even when I walk through the darkest valley, I will not be afraid, for you are close beside me… (TAKEN FROM  “I AM A CHRISTIAN”  blog – )

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