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Chicken Soup Anyone?

It would be so lovely if someone wanted to make me chicken soup,

So not feeling like writing

So not feeling like writing

so I’m appealing to my readers, even though most are really far away.   A totally useless request, I realize,  nevertheless, it’s my fantasy.   My husband has catered to me for 3 days now and he’s tired.

SO, dear readers, I’m still sick, so really,  don’t come near me.

My posts will continue when I can write without hacking and coughing.    My friend in Paris suggested the age old remedy of fresh lemons in hot water and to “throw out the DayQuil/NightQuil…….horrible stuff.     ( Indeed.  )   Going natural remedies is the best, unless you absolutely without a doubt, ——   beyond a shadow of a doubt, need them (i.e. antibiotics).  Do any of you realize how seldom the FRENCH prescribe ANTIBIOTICS?   Yep, you guessed it.  Not often at all.

I told my husband that I could NOT walk to the local CVS down the street with our puppy and with him in this, (one day of glorious weather,)

Pappi is happy

Pappi is happy

to get many needed items, one of them KOTEX as I keep peeing every time I cough.   Perhaps that is more information that you really needed to know, but I’m delirious on over the counter crap,  and I’ll say anything.  My husband knows his assignment and glances  a dubious look.

So, yes, I still need that CHICKEN SOUP!!


I’m Visiting the Queen Tomorrow so………….

I couldn’t resist having my hair done at my old standby Jacques Dessange where I went “back in the day” -Those days were?  You ask……..

Okay, those were the days my friend, we thought would never end  – – – where  I had a teeny disposable

income and flew to Paris on my passes to get my hair cut and colored. At Jacques Dessange. For the weekend.

Ahhhh, there is nothing like working for the airlines BEFFORE 9/11, where the income was good, you gained seniority fast, and you actually got

to fly for free on a weekend, when the planes actually had seats for you to get on, not like NOW, where you’re lucky to get on ANY flight………

So, She’s coming, ………okay, she’s not coming to Paris, However,  The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee  2012   Parties have begun in earnest all over the tiny British Isles and the Continent

English: Location of the British Isles on the ...

English: Location of the British Isles on the European Continent (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

and maybe even in the US, for all I know, but “alls I know,” (that’s a horrible Missouri expression) is that we have been invited by the British ( I can’t say which association – but you can guess) and we are delighted to go, despite having to find garb in all RED WHITE and BLUE.  I found a few things in my closet,  left over from  past Fourth of July events in the US, –  I hope it isn’t too dated.   I’ll let you know by how many stares I get.  But honestly?  To find a pair  –  absolutely LOVELY little red shoes, to go with what I already owned, caused extreme apoplexy – 170 EUROS………yes – you heard that right – it’s EUROS, and it’s 170 of them, and yes, they were Repettos, but STILL FOLKS………..I can’t DO THIS!!

So, I have something that will work .No, I’m not wearing the Union Jack.   It just plopped itself at the end of this post.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom (Photo credit: stumayhew)

But I sure loved those bright red repettos!

Maybe I can wear my Christmas Red Boots


I always find RED, love Red, love RED, but NO to those RED REPETTOS!!!

French Countryside Vacance – Chartres – Fontainebleau

 Still Day Two – Can you believe it?

Covering a lot of Territory in Two Days,   but that’s because we have a CAR!!!   As you know, I’m in a bit of heaven driving in the countryside after no car/driving for 7 months!   Whooooooo hooooooo!

If you want to visit Napoleon’s LIFE, the life he would have you believe was the most important, Then visit FONTAINEBLEAU. (If you want to visit the “in love with Josephine life” than visit Malmaison, their country estate) Fontainebleau is where Napoleon lived after he crowned himself emperor. The Musee Napoleon houses a massive exhibition on the Bonaparte family.  What I didn’t realize is that there were more books written on Napoleon (with the exception of  Jesus Christ).    Hmmmmmm. Fascinating.

Fontainebleau is a  favourite weekend getaway for Parisians, as well as for the historical château de Fontainebleau, which once belonged to the kings of France.  It is also renowned for the large and scenic forest of Fontainebleau.

I won’t go into the “made for many movie specials” history, instead, click on the blue links.

 An Historical trivial moment  – in the photo below (slideshow) David and I  are standing by the staircase. This is where  Napolean bid farewell to his troops before being forced into exile on the Island of Elba and also is the exact spot where his remains were returned before they were sent to Invalides for final burial.  If you haven’t visitied Napoleon’s Tomb at Invalides – it is a magnificant memorial.

Another piece of trivia:  It is a fact that Napoleon introduced many innovations, notably the DECIMAL SYSTEM.    I bet you always wanted to know who invented that, right?   🙂

Everything else in this elegant town defers to the spectacular palace in its parkland of woodlands, lakes and landscaped gardens.  A discreet plaque acknowledges John D Rockefeller Jr’s generous funding of the palace restoration in the 1920’s.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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