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Papillon is almost 1 year old, and almost didn’t live to see it

In a comedy of errors  – – today was a doozie……

I have had bad pains in my left backside – like my kidney area for a week now.  Bought a “ThermPack” heating wrap at CVS.   It is full of “cells” of iron that when taken out of package begin to get warm.

It helps your aches, it's deadly to your pets

It helps your aches, it’s deadly to your pets


While I was on the computer,  Pappi got into my “thermal wrap” and ate one of the cells.   We saw that it is poisonous.   So we call vet.  It was $60.00 just to have my Vet call Poison Control.  I said, I’m retired, can you just find out without charging me? Please?    The vet did – but boy oh boy – found out that it was a lethal dose that Pappi had eaten. (1 cell of iron = 1100 mg of iron dosage) – Atleast he didn’t get to the other 19 cells.

David drops me off at the hospital  to find out why my back is killing me and he goes to the Vet with Pappi. Long story short………$400 + dollars later – pumping stomach twice, shots,  X-rays – etc – Pappi is home and alive.  He’s very lethargic, but he is going to LIVE!!!  Yeah.,,,

not feeling so hot



I love my Pappi  – you do what it takes to keep your pets healthy and LIVING.  😊   Happier Pappi (last month)In the mail today, when we got home,  was a card from our insurance company VPI (Vet Pet Insurance) –  a beautiful card of a dog and his owner saying “HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPILLON”  which will be 1 year on September 19th.  – Yes.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear puppy.  You almost didn’t have one my little Pappi.   So happy you are okay.   We are crazy about you!!

Happy Birthday Papillon!!


Oh, and MOI?   Well, dogs are taken care of better than people.  I’m waiting on a phone call .  “No, you don’t have a kidney stone, yes, you do. ……. ” .  We should just all be puppies/dogs/4 legged creatures. They get cards in the MAIL, and great, all encompassing care






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  1. Judy Anderman #

    So glad to hear Pappi is on the mend and hope you are soon! Au revoir! Judy & Kathy (now in Nimes). Take care, Pappi–Marco Polo

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    September 16, 2014
  2. I’m definitely coming back as a dog!

    September 16, 2014
  3. Wow! What an adventure. Glad your puppy is ok!

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    September 16, 2014
  4. Oh Papi – naughty puppy!! Soon you will have to keep everything out of reach. Hope you feel better soon too!

    September 18, 2014

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