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“Letters from Marseille – Sights along the way to Marseille”

Dear Ian, 

Remember that RED BULL you left in my Paris apartment frig last March?  Well, I found it, took it with us in the little car and it became a LIFE saver for US on the road south.  Wow! Those are incredible drinks!  I woke right up!!!

Everyone thinks it’s so glamorous to be living in a country like FRANCE, but it has it’s moments.  We had another one of those in Dijon, when we were told we couldn’t eat dinner in the HOTEL DINING ROOM because of the large group they were entertaining.  We told them that they should have told us this before checking in.  They said the sign had been posted by the elevator doors.  We told them that we didn’t take the elevator as the crowd of people standing there waiting for it meant a long wait, so we took the stairs.  Anyway, needless to say, they didn’t care for us and we didn’t care for them, so we left and found a different hotel.  

The next one was nice. It was the CAMPANILE, in Dijon. 

Dijon is the home of the DUKES of BURGUNDY.  It is a different feeling from Paris.  A little more formal including the people that live here.  We are, after all, closer to LYON and therefore, you already know that reputation.  (“Shhhh…..they’re not as nice as the Parisians” they say ……….shhhh, yes, we have heard this.”)  But don’t like to believe any sort of nonsense like this, until we actually are FACED with it.  Today we were faced with it.  Never mind.   

We are stuffed in our little VW, and it does resemble the last pic I posted……sans the mattress and the birdcage.  Would you check on Charlie?  The girls have left and I’m afraid he is lonely even though Pennee is taking care of him.

So, I leave you with some of the sights of our travels – personally, the countryside circumvents personality strifes and we are still STILL VERY GRATEFUL for everything we have and see and do.

I keep Gracie’s card she made me.   I will enclose a photo of it.  It’s beautiful and I cherish it. It 

says “PRAY”

Till next time 



PS if the photos don’t appear, they didn’t download with our slow wifi conx.  Will try later……


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