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Cassis, a city in southern France, seen from t...

Cassis, a city in southern France, seen from the cliffs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I cannot believe it’s September!  It’s FALL soon.

All the cicadas will be quiet and the leaves will magically turn from green to incroyable  (incredible)  colors.  Even in the south of France.   Last Fall we arrived in Marseille looking for our first apartment in the South.  We hadn’t even heard of Cassis at that time, nor knew her charms.   As if it were yesterday I can still see the streets of Marseille laden with huge fat colorful leaves on their “Plain trees” which eventually fell to the ground in one great grand mess when the rains came.   I like how they were so thick it almost padded the streets reducing noise of the busy street.

Now it happens again, only now in Cassis. In my new apartment the curtains flow in and out, the cicadas are strong in their chorus and after a full morning of paperwork, and some apartment organizing it would be a good sound to be lulled to sleep for a short nap.   Alas, there is still a lot to do, mainly find my zucchini and fresh cheese and some spicy Jalapeno for my dinner tonight.  I’ll take a nap anyway.  I’m in the SOUTH.  That ‘s what we must do in the South of France!  The fan hums softly, the long grey curtains with the white voile flow in and out and it feels like a warm but breezy room in Casa Blanca.  It has that 30’s 40 ‘s feel to it.  Happiness overwhelms me.   (actually, we’re not that far away so far south………… )

Stretch out reg size couch

Stretch out reg size couch

06 Septembre 2013

Had the most incredible day at the marche!  After being briefly disappointed as the fisherman I rushed to had packed away, (obviously selling his catch of the day much earlier,)  we turned around and headed to the Poissionere to buy our dinner for tonight.

He was a cheerful guy and had a lovely display and it may have been what was leftover from the ‘Flopping-jumping fish” as we call them at the port.  Must get there early next time, atleast by 8:30am.  David took the fresh fish (Maquereau,) or Mackerel back to the apartment while I did some shopping at the outdoor marche.    Overflowing with full color of linens, towels, leather-goods, handmade jewelry, beads, baubles, wood, scarves, soaps, high top sneakers to die for, dresses, jupes, tunics, – it’s so alive.

And then comes the vegetable market.

FIGS.  That’s all you need to know.  FRESH FIGS.  DEEEEEE VINE.   IMG_1753    Pick up and buy fresh carrots, onions, tomatoes for tonight‘s dinner.   Ofcourse the fresh pasta with épinards (spinach), champignons (mushrooms), lobster, etc., well, too good to behold.  The mouth begins to drool, literally.   I walk away. Too late.  I’m now out of euros. Fini.  Gone.  Done.  But what a day.  It ended at 1:00PM

while sitting under a humongous umbrella at cafe de Fontaine where the best “jus de tomate” is served with (get this…) tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, celery salt….and for just a couple of euros AND they don’t mind if you stay there for an hour or two.  Ofcourse I got greedy with the tabasco and had a severe choking fit after 2 sips.  But, not to worry…..all under control.  Never go anywhere without my bottled water.  Saved the day.   David joined me and we drank our juice and espresso together and watched the vendors dismantle their gorgeous wares and neatly and very quickly put them in containers, tubs, or leftover produce boxes and slide them symmetrically into the carefully crafted slots in their compact vans.  (Big, by euro standards; actually the size of an American SUV, only more narrow).   Nothing bigger to place their items that did not sell.  But from the happiness on their faces, as they put away everything, it seems to be a good day.  However, they look like this EVERY day that I’ve watched them put away their goods.  None have I seen pout.  Never.   I love this. I love the items I picked up for “stocking stuffers” some made in Brazil, cool cool cool.

Time for peace and solitude and a nap back at the “Casa Blanca apartment” as we now refer to it – with fans a humming,  and curtains flowing, and cicadas chorusing.

A "Devotional Room" eh? I LOVE THIS room!!!!

A “Devotional Room” eh? I LOVE THIS room!!!!

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