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I’ve Fallen, and I can’t get up!”The life of a procrastinator, of a TKR.

Okay, well, the time has come. All my 2 years of walking, walking, walking like crazy in France, and even climbing mountains, has come to an end. Oh, I’ll walk again, but I can’t do it without TKR, or , TOTAL KNEE REPLACEMENT. In BOTH knees. I’ve had this bone on bone, no cartilage left, no miniscus even, no cushioning for over 5 years now. I’ve put it off, and procrastinated, and had the knee shots for as long as I can in two or more countries. I’ve worn huge braces under my clothes around the knees which were bulky, hot and a bigger pain than walking without them. I’ve grimaced my way through metro stairs, been picked up at Terminal 1 by a van in Paris to Terminal 2A to catch my other flight to having the wheelchair guy stay with me the entire time never expecting so much as a euro for his trouble. I have made people wait while I climbed into a bus, fallen on the beach coming out of the big blue water and – yes, “I’ve fallen and couldn’t get up”, having waves hit me so hard it knocked my bathing suit totally OFF my body in front of hundreds of onlookers. I’ve had a little girl of 5 hold out her hand to me to help me get up from a low chair at the shore and I had to tell her “Thank you honey, but that’s not gonna work.” (love ya just the same though). I’ve been knocked knee’d and taken a job at a upscale department store with no one knowing the difficulty as I climbed ladders and stayed constantly moving for 7 hours at a time. My husband has fixed countless dinners for me and started my soaking baths too many times to count. Oh, and we carried 500 pounds of luggage from the South of France, up and down 6 sets of stairs at  4 different train stations and onto a ship without actually collapsing from the weight or suffering a heart attack.  A miracle in itself.

It is just time to get the ‘ole knees replaced.

If I didn’t – my life would be slowly reduced to less than I’m doing now. Stairs are already a killer, and most of the time I take one at a time. If I remained the way I was, my sedentary life would be a slow demise to something that I’ve never been before. Still. I’d be sitting a lot more than standing, sitting more than walking, my dog would suffer, cause I can’t walk him. I would suffer. I would gain a 100 pounds. My posture, my hips, my body would kind of atrophy into itself. It would not be pretty. Thus, I go and do what I’ve tried not to do for so very long. Both knees done. One next month, the other the month after. A total of 3 months or more of rehabilitation. Errrrggggg. Lots of physical therapy. Lots of exercises. Lots of pain. And then after? 
Well, I will celebrate by climbing the top fo the Garlaban in Aubagne, France, one more time. (I hope) That’s my goal. Wish me luck If you pray – do that for me ??

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  1. Vickicapricorn #

    I am happy you are finally getting this done. It definitely is time. You have suffered too much and pushed yourself too hard. You might end up feeling it is easier than the way your knees were .i hope that is the case for you. Not sure about getting them both done at basically the same time. I could have never done it. One was hard enough. When is your sugery?

    September 10, 2014
    • November! After we get back from a Piedmont Cruise (my first airline – that was absorbed by USAirways) should be fun – should be a “treat” before the ah – heemm – P A I N of rehab, etc. Well, atleast I already know how to do pain pills have kept them from being addictive. ha ha
      (My neice said- the P.T. everyday – all the time – continually – is the K E Y. You think??? Thx for writing on the blog

      September 10, 2014
  2. Betty Wallace #

    Hello, Marti, I don’t know how you did all that you did in Europe with your knee problem. I am glad you are going to have the replacements and no more pain. I will be praying for successful surgery and good recovery although there will be some pain.

    Speaking of pain — I can relate! Every step I take hurts from the pinched sciatica nerve. The pain med. my doctor gave me does not help much and he refuses to prescribe the strong ones. He says I will fall from the dizziness the pills cause. Then I would really have trouble. Besides they are addictive. So, I just have to suffer!!! I don’t get around much these days. Walking is too painful. But I thank God for the health He gives this 93 year old!

    Take care and keep us posted. Grandma Betty

    September 10, 2014
    • Oh Betty! You’re so sweet. And you found my blog again- you are good at this stuff. I’m impressed. I know it must be SO difficult for you. I’m sorry for your horrible pain. I don’t know how you do it. I take Vicodin when it’s the WORST, but it doesn’t make me dizzy and I manage it well as I don’t want to be addicted. I usually bite the pill in half. That 1/2 pill will last me sometimes several days. It’s fabulous. But in FL there is a huge overuse of that drug. They should atleast try something and then tell them you’ll stay on your couch or bed all day and read a book. Jeeeez. You should not have to deal with that kind of pain. Thanks again for your comment on my blog and I will be adding more to it (daily) after the surgery, so someone else who is thinking about doing it, can decide, by my details, that it is a good thing, or maybe not for them. It’s not until November. Guess I won’t be cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year, ha ha ha.
      The kids still talk about their visit with you – they loved it and you — AND, if you have ANY photos of that time – Ian could surely use them. His computer crashed and he lost the FLORIDA photos, among others. I wish you well. I’ll be keeping you in my prayers daily for your aches and all your pain. 🙂

      September 10, 2014
  3. See you at the summit of the Garlaban!
    You can do it. Won’t be easy, but I ‘ll be with you every step of the way.

    September 12, 2014

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