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Salmon with Ginger, Lavender Honey & Cuban Rum

I dreamt this recipe up on the way home tonight via train.  (THE BEAUTY of PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION!! – You can actually READ, or THINK of what you want to do  without putting drivers at risk!!)

Had all the ingredients and it worked PERFECTLY!  SO YUMMY!!!!!

It also has a bit of orange marmalade on the top to really help it glaze when you saute it for ever so under a few minutes……

Salmon  for Two – 

Mix fresh grated ginger (2 thumbs worth) with 2 T Olive Oil, 2 T Lavender Honey, Squeeze of half lemon and a jigger or two of Cuban Rum* (or any golden rum)(melt the lavender honey for only 7 seconds in microwave to get it into liquid form – as the lavender honey is often solid ) and put all of this over the salmon for atleast 1/2 hour before sauteing it.

It will glaze beautifully from he sugars in the honey and marmelade –

It has a lovely creamy subtle sweet ginger taste.
I think you will so enjoy it!!!!

From:   Marti Cooks in Paris

*I’m in France – Cuban Rum is legal here

as are cigars…….

I know,

Smell me



Okay, it’s a bit dramatic, but that’s  what the postal clerk said in so many words to David today as he tried to post a gift of French chocolates. 

Peering over her glasses – she looked absolutely shocked to the response David gave her when asked what was in the package.  “CHOCOLATE?? – Mais NON!  ”  She replies.    And my husband ofcourse says, “Porquoi?” (WHY?) and she peers at him with slits for eyes and says, “Mais AMERICANS – ETATS UNIS – THEY DO NOT ALLOW FRENCH CHOCOLATE!!”   Well he was utterly shocked himself, and thought, I just shouldn’t have said anything, but ofcourse he answered truthfully WHAT was IN the package.  He could have just said, “A little soft plastic marmaduke dog that holds a toothbrush, little tiny colored clothespins for my granddaughter’s art work, some marzipan in the shape of apples, a notebook, etc, but no, he says “CHOCOLATE!!! ” Have you ever heard of anything so ridiculous in your life?  No.  Well, me neither. 

We’re going to pursue this thing, I’ll start to google it for sure to find out what the heck THIS is all about, and then I’ll come back and share with you the final outcome.  But I think it won’t be much different than what I’ve already discovered.  CHOCOLATE, is probably a lot like TRUFFLES (and I don’t mean the chocolate kind,) and it probably has to do with our very rich and very PURE ingredients and the fact that there is NOTHING in them with a long un- pronounceable word that is part of its consistency.  In other words – the purity scares the FDA?…..????   

To be continued…………..


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