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The Cost of Living in ( and around) Paris – Comparing Costs

Here’s what it costs to live in or around Paris. One can eat incredibly inexpensively if you bring it HOME with you from the MARKET, as the above picture shows – – –  We’ve reduced costs about as far as we can possibly do this, invoking others to 1) bring their own beds if they want to stay with us (LOL),  2) eating a LOT of pizza – which has got to stop 3) cooking in more now that I have a CUISINE fully stocked 4) recording prices in my iPod at the AUCHUN or markets and comparing 5) not buying into simply gorgeous, all natural cosmetics as much as I want to (okay, I did buy one incredible face wash) 6) hitting flea markets as often as possible.  THIS PICTURE below is of eating well at the MAISON (home) with duck pâté, fine cheeses and caviar (my girl friend’s idea) ……….

I’ll be adding to this page – this is just a start………..



BUT, at present, I have not bought ONE  pot of flowers to plant outside on our balcony as they are TRES CHER & am scouting flea markets for less expensive pots – SOMEWHERE!

 I don’t even have to tell you the price of these plants – these plants you can get at Walmart for $.89 – yes .89 CENTS!!!!  I am disgusted, but the disgusted demon kind of stays around permanently because whatchagonna do?  I can’t leave (yet) and don’t want to leave just cause prices of flowers and a lot of other things are sky high…..Hmmmmm – dilemma…….


Usually for TWO – prices below:

Lemon curd tartlet – 2. 60 euros =  $3.84 for one tiny tarlett

One Pizza and 2 beers  $18.76  –   $36.00

Dinner at Haute cuisine restaurant – $100.50 without wine up to $560.00 for 2 with wine.  DON’T DO IT!! (Okay – do it ONCE!)

Any kind of plat du jour dinner (something  –  in between the pizza and the Haute cuisine )- 43 euros or $56.20   with carafe house wine

Salad with goat cheese  7- 9 euros  = $9.28 –  $12.06  – it’s usually quite filling

French onion soup with the cheese and bread  $9 – 11.00


Roasted chicken with herbs =  11 euros or $15.00 (at Costco it’s $3.50 !!!) I know, I know, get OVER Costco –

it ain’t a happening HERE!

2 small pieces of North Atlantic Salmon with Poivre on top = $15.85

Cache of fresh veggies (eggplant, artichoke (1), garlic, carrots (2) small potatoes, pepper, bananas (3), leafy greens and mache, mushrooms,  = $12.46 (the best deal of the day)

1/2 pound of Cheddar Cheese – 3,56 euros ($4.66)

2 lemons ,92 euros  ($1.20)  – good

3 potatoes ,76 euros  (.99 cents)

(a typical run to the market next door:  4 tomatoes, 1 huge yellow apple,  2 huge oranges, huge clove of garlic, large fr. lemonade, 2 large spring waters = 7,00 euros   ($9.17)  – this is a local market, where prices probably are a bit steeper than going an hour away by bus to AUCHUN, the huge grocers. )


coffee at an outdoor café = $2.14

Tea (with the entire POT) at outdoor café = $3.48

Water = free  (tap)


Cosmetics – any fabulous French lab, all natural  night cream  $85- $150.00

The list of cosmetics would take PAGES……………

Ibuprofen – $9.00 ( think 30)

Aspirin with Vitamin C – 20 –  $8.20

Paracetamol with codeine  – 18 – $10.80

There is NO pain med named TYLENOL in France, however,

DOLIPRANE  is – Tylenol if you just love your Tylenol!!


Toothpaste, offbrand  medium size  = $2.14

Electric Tea Kettle $30.00

Crockpot – $50-75

least expensive Toilet paper (4 rolls)  $5.00 and it’s PINK! ug!

Plain white medium size towel $15.00

Coffeemate  (teeny tiny) $2.68 – it’s crap for you anyway – so I gave this up

Razors – pack of 12   $4.90  – 6 Bic Flex  $5.92  10 Gillette Blue  $5.00


There are no DOWNEY sheets

Drying for 24 minutes in a laundromat = $4.02 (this is why there are no DOWNEY SHEETS )- they dry everything on portable clothes lines in the bathroom or on the heated towel racks!!  One needs a HEATED towel rack for their $15.00 plain medium-sized towel !  😉

Movie for two in the evening = $26.00
Movie for two from 9A- noon =  $12.00
Month pass for all transportation  (trains, buses, metro) = $130.00 from the 1st to the 31st – only
 LOUVRE prices to musee and others:
Cost to get in museum – 9 euros
 cost for children up to 17 = free
Public restroom (toilet) in the Louvre – cheapest = 1 euro
The “fine – not be missed, one of a kind “designer bathroom” in Louvre = 2 euros (see above pic)
Book on the Louvre for kids  $20.00
Class at APPLE at the Louvre = free (if you have the yearly package of one-to-one)
iPhone 4- unlocked – 620 euros ($820.00 less vat tax back so $760 (cheaper than Apple in US)
calls anywhere in France are free with the service, you are not charged for “out of territory ” calls – nor are you charged for voice mails
incoming or outgoing – AND you do NOT get pages and pages of  itemizations from AT&T that you can NOT decipher.
The above service is with FREE – a WiFi provider for 19.95 a month!
Water at Louvre (bottle)  euros = 2.80
Salad at Louvre = 5.50 euros
CLOTHING:    euros 1.33 – 1.34  – multiply euro prices below times 1.34
As of Middle December   1.30 !!!!
Tights from Galleries Lafayette – 21- 40 euros – least expensive  14  euros (20.00) USD
Flea market tights = $7.00
Lovely lingerie (Princess Tam Tam) panties = 40 euros  (one pair)
Lovely – GORGEOUS , actually,  bra (Tam Tam)  45 euros
Leather gloves (Galleries Lafayette)  60 – 90 euros
Italian leather gloves (or so they say)  from flea market  = $13.05
I’m SORRY, but shopping at GALLERIES LAFAYETTE is totally ridiculous even WITH the vat tax back.  I have been all over this city comparing prices of clothes, shoes, stockings, lingerie, cosmetics,so,  unless you just have to do it and money is no object, DON’T.    They have raised prices  3 and 4 times over some of the smaller boutiques (that you would think would be a fortune,  but they’re actually not.)  I was really amazed at the prices at Galleries……except for one thing: Their own “Galleries Lafayette brand” of purses, wallets, satchels and shoes.   Not too bad.  SECOND:  The cafeteria, top floor #6, has good cafeteria type food less than some cafes and it has a “million dollar view” of the Eiffel tower and rooftops & chimneys of Paris.  My huge bowl of creole vegetable soup, bottle of water and piece of bread came to $10.00. That being said, I should have lost the water. Bottled water continually amazes me how pricey  (I forgot to bring my bottle from home!)  David’s ham dish complete with vegetables, a small bottle of wine came to about $21.00.  A lot of people from the area eat their lunch there because it’s their  big meal of the day.   They ‘ll have something very light, like soup or just some bread and cheese for dinner.  Big meals are eaten in the middle of the day.
Suitcases – Galleries Lafayette   160 – 190 euros – with 4 wheels and that really lightweight poly material that looks like steel
Suitcases with 4 wheels – really nice – St Ouen Flea market – 60- 90 euros – they also have the lightweight poly material
Designer BR in Louvre not to be missed!
My small apartment 15 minutes OUTSIDE of Paris  = 800 euros or  $1000 a month – furnished. BUT
to PURCHASE   –  450,000 euros or approximately 589, 500  USD  !! (650 square feet, BTW)
IN PARIS – It costs 15,000 euros a square meter in the 7th etc arrondissements
In Montparnasse (Hemingway treks)  – Latin Quarter – it’s 8,350 euros a square meter
it’s rather like NYC prices, actually, or New England, Boston, etc………..
(Multiply square meters by 9)
My house in Saint Louis  -=  $100,000 (if I’m lucky)
That same house – 4 bedrooms – 1,200 square feet  – 2 baths – full basement (extra square footage,) would be
over 2 – 3  million dollars outside of Paris
Ahhhhhhhh- to bring my little home – here  !  🙂
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  1. richard #

    you forgot to mention a small coke and ham and cheese sandwich for 15.00

    November 26, 2011
  2. Richard! Those were 2009 prices. That same snack would be now $25.00. BUT, if you buy a glass of the vin rouge it would have been only $10.00!!!! 😉

    November 26, 2011

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