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Au Revoir – my beautiful France………..

Au Revoir my beautiful  FranceIMG_2967


It’s that time.  The end of La veritable EAU de MENTON, (depuis 1947) has been emptied.   My favorite citrus perfume in the whole world.   But, now, it’s gone.)

The end of the teaching “fete” – party for my husband was last week.  And it was the most meaningful, beautiful and fun party with lovely people all from his school enjoying the moment, contributing and making my husband feel very much loved.   David is teaching no more for the British Council, except for possibly part-time assignments.   It was most welcomed to hear that he has that opportunity, come summer.

Yes, we are saying goodbye to our beloved France and heading back to the United States of America.  Why?

Not sure.  Well, ofcourse we’re sure.  We have children.

And, Well, because it’s time , that is why.

But listen carefully.   It’s really, okay, honestly.   Many of you have written to us saying, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?  You are my hero(s), you have done what I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do…….are you CRAZY for returning to the United States?   This has been your dream for as long as I have known you!  Why, WHY are you coming back?   Things are really difficult back here.   What are you going to do here?  Really, why are you leaving your fine life to come back here???

People say to us – HOW are you going to Adjust?

No problem, we’ll do what we’ve done for 2 years in another country.  ADAPT.   I think ADAPTATION is one of the most important words in any vocabulary.    If you can adapt, to life, to difficult situations, to any number  of relationships  – WITHOUT giving up your spirit, your true force from within, you have gained everything.

Webster’s defines Adapt as:     make (something) suitable for a new use or purpose; modify:

Adaptability :• able to be modified for a new use or purpose

Thesauruses:   adaptation   noun

1 an adaptation of a Scandinavian folk tale: alteration, modification, redesign, remodeling, revamping, reworking, reconstruction, conversion.adjustment, acclimatization, acclimation, accommodations, habituation, acculturation, assimilation, integration.

That being explained….. Some one wanted me to stay right here  in Cassis, right here in France.


The weeds wanted me to stay.  If I were to think of the “gods of Cassis”  who didn’t   want me to leave, I would have said that today, –  as one , with the longest of tenacles grabbed a hold of my sandaled foot as I ran over to see the view of the vineyard next door  – and  my foot was held prisoner  and ofcourse, I splattered onto the earth, amidst  pebbles and more weeds under the Olive trees and could not get up for an inordinate amount of time.  While David was at first alarmed, then overly senstive to my mishap – and thinking I’ve really done my knee in – I collasped in incredible gasping for air laughter for about 10 minutes.  Because everytime I tried to get up and David tried to lift my 145 plus poundage, it wasn’t happening, and I got the giggles breathlessly again and again.  No matter how I try, am NOT a graceful person.  Klutz, that’s what I am.

So, ofcourse, it’s the “ gods that want me to stay” – I say.   Yes, STAY, right here in France.

Au Revoir – my beautiful France – my beautiful friends – who have made us feel so very loved and never strangers in another land.     We are blessed beyond measure.

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  1. Allyson king #

    Beautiful post, Marti! I know that wherever you are geographically you will find happiness & provide it to those lucky enough to be around you!

    November 8, 2013
  2. Cindy Tyson #

    Welcome home, Marti and David. Have a safe trip and get ready for the next adventure.

    November 8, 2013
  3. Have a great cruise and welcome back!

    November 8, 2013
  4. DACO #

    You said it all….now it’s time to cherish the great memories and stay in touch with our newly found French friends….vive la France!!

    November 10, 2013

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