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SOCCER – OM vs Reims -The unlikely non-sportive Mum

Français : Olympique de Marseille - RC Strasbo...

Français : Olympique de Marseille – RC Strasbourg, vu de la tribune Ganay le 6 mai 2006 au Stade Vélodrome de Marseille (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Entrée du Stade Vélodrome de Marseille

Entrée du Stade Vélodrome de Marseille (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tribune du Stade Velodrome lors de OM-OL

Tribune du Stade Velodrome lors de OM-OL (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Marseille (Photo credit: -eko-)

Soccer in the South — OM vs Reims – Velodrome Stade  _ Marseille

This is about sports.  I’m an unlikely person to talk about sports because , well, I’m awful at it.  And the really amazing thing is that my son is a coach/ now athletic director for a highschool, my other son has started running and where they got this is certainly not from me.  Nor from their dad.  (Sorry Elwood), although I will say he had the passion for sports.

THat’s what I saw in living color yesterday – huge passion, at the Stade Velodrome in Marseille.  Awesome passion.  It is a  bonafide crazy, fou fou, maniacal, fiercely energetic French football game

Now, I’m not going to discuss the plays, or anything, because I’m far from qualified but I’m really good at reading people, and these people were downright fou fou (crazy) for their team and their game.  It was to see.    I’m not going to discuss the ending in depth because I’m a Pollyanna feel good  kind of person and need to keep the discussion positive.

What was absolutely lovely tonight was that the fans were amazingly french, loyal beyond loyal, and loud beyond loud.  Also , despite their intensity, they are sensitive enough to notice that the old person behind them is not able to stand on the bleacher seats and is trying to peer through their shoulders at the game.  When they see that, they both move over 2 seats so that they can afford the old lady a complete unobstructed view.  I was the “old lady” – but they didn’t know that……..I know that I’m not really old, but since they were like 18 – I’m sure I must have “seemed” old.
Was that not beautiful or what?

Yes, fans – at a soccer game in Marseille do not sit – at all – during the 2  + hour game.  They STAND    Fans  Fans in the stand

They also do not imbibe in Beer.  Beer is not sold, not are any spirts as a game in Marseille.  Some do – – many do smoke………but that’s the extent of their vices.

There are food items, but most are not eating.  They’re yelling instead.

They did lose to Reims , yes, but the fans – as much as they acted as if they would DIE for their team what with all the hoopla yelling and though so disappointed, they were out at the cafe’s talking and having a drink for their normal hour or so FACETIME with friends afterwards.  If you want to know EXACTLY what went wrong, you need to be at these cafes.  This is where things like this are discussed.  But you need to know French.
I’m going back.  Addicted already I am.   To the PASSION.  (And the game is fast and that ball is controlled beautifully)



While running to the bus (19)  after our cafe time with friends, Sandrine had to run for

the BUS 19.   I couldn’t run because of my bad knees.  DO you know what she said?

She told the bus driver, ‘Oh, please wait, my mum is coming!”   The bus driver says, “well, where is she, I can’t stay here long”   – – – OH Sandrine says, “She’s almost here.”

(I wasn’t ) But he did wait. When he saw me , I said, Oh MERCI, MERCI BEAUCOUP -” J’ai une mal genou!!!  Merci merci  (I have bad knees, thank you thank you)”

ooooohh la la – – I turned to Sandrine while we walked to the back and said to her, Sandrine, that was so nice , – thank you so much for doing that.  But do not EVER call me your mum again, EVER! “   😉

Français : Bus RTM, ligne 83 en direction du R...

Français : Bus RTM, ligne 83 en direction du Rond-Point du Prado. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

IMG_2445Sandrinand her Mr Bean car – for David…..?

Sun setting on Marseille at new  angle

Sun setting on Marseille at new angle


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  1. DACO #

    That was a great sports story from someone that is a little “sports challenged” to say the least.!

    October 28, 2013

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