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From now on……………’s CUISINE !!!

Sept 2, 2013

From this moment on, I will feature FOOD.   The reason?  We have an OVEN now in our apartment and I am cooking cooking cooking.   You will be the recipient of that, We only wish that you could BE here and actually imbibe.

Here are photos of my first dinner – a Entrecôte – our very expensive ROAST (beef) which I have not prepared in 2 years.     I will not put exact amounts because I use no recipes, I cook by tasting and by the number of people that are coming for dinner.

Entrecôte Roast

Entrecôte Roast

Don’t be turned off by no measurements.  It’s incredibly freeing not to use them.

ALSO,  excuse my French.  It’s just part of me now and I use it with some descriptions.

Entrecôte Roast  or Roast that has the filet mignon in it

Herbed Potatoes whole

Sautéed mushrooms

Carrots and zuchinni


The best cut of meat you can find for a roast – about 3/4 of a kilo – little under 2 pounds.

Sear it first , putting a bit of flour and herbs, salt and pepper  on it by rolling it around..

Sear it well, then add a good red wine to pan and scrape the bottom of the pan

Cook it in a 350 degree oven for less than 1 hour   – ours was done in 40 minutes because we like it medium rare or “a point”   –  Add more red wine half way through.

It is incredibly delicious, like imbibing in a filet mignon, well it’s from that cut of meat.

Add a Bouquet garni to the pan with as many potatoes as you want — in the same roast pan.

1/2 inch julienned carrots and  round zucchini — As much or little as you want.  (I eat a LOT of veggies).  Cook carrots in little olive oil and butter and brown sugar, pinch of salt .  After carrots are browned nicely, add zucchini, cook few minutes more (or less) as they will still all be crunchy.

While Roast is cooking in oven, sauté the sliced mushrooms in butter and olive oil, Herbs d’Provence, S & P.  After browned nicely, throw in some red vin.

Set aside

After Roast is done – (you can use a meat thermometer to the temp of your liking),  take out – let it rest for 10 minutes, then carve.

It’s a delicious home cooked roast with veggies.   Use Creme Fraiche if you can get it- instead of sour cream- on the potatoes.

A good red wine is mandatory.    We liked a SYRAH.

Oh and desert – well it was something decadent and from a package & French,  without chemicals from ALSA; called MOELLEUX au CHOCOLAT avec des Pépites and if I could I would bring an entire case home next time!!  FABULOUS!!  It went with the leftover CHAMPAGNE that we started with,  to celebrate our new home, our new apartment, our OVEN!!!!!!

Bon Appetit!!

Marti in Cassis

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