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Tribute to Frances

 Tomorrow is the 12th year that David has been without his mom.  


While eating Pizza tonight in Aubagne, after the cinema, we talked about her.  I told him…….”You know, I’m really happy to have known your mom.   She really was an amazing woman.   You are very lucky to have had her for a mom. ”  




He smiled really big………and that was hard as I knew he feels every June 5th very strongly.  I’m glad he has a lot of classes to teach tomorrow, as he’ll be really busy.  




We started talking about his mom and his dad then.  His dad kept those Spitfires flying during the war and he often worked 7 days  a week. He came home to his new wife, Frances, depleted and exhausted.   There had to be engineers always ready to fix a plane, otherwise, they wouldn’t be flying, and it was after all, WWII.              

Mosquito B. Mk XVI, 1944. Type B roundels uppe...

Mosquito B. Mk XVI, 1944. Type B roundels upper wings, type C1 on fuselage sides. Type C fin flash used on aircraft from June 1942-1947. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kings Lynn,  where David’s mom and dad lived was the home of Marham, one of the largest and busiest RAF Airfields.              

English: Kings Lynn

English: Kings Lynn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Spitfire, Mosquito and The Hurricane were his babies.

On display in Washington, D.C.

On display in Washington, D.C. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  Philip, (David’s dad) worked tirelessly on them.  Never complained.  Drove home on his motorcycle, beat.

 As the sun set on our little cafe and David sipped his drink, he fondly recounted how hard his dad worked and the steady faithfulness and support of his mom. 




They both have wonderful  grandchildren and great grandchildren that they never were able to see or to know.  They both have left a legacy as  “UnSung Hero’s”.    How many were there that were like them, steadfast, untiring, in their work and in their vision?    Many.   




Philip is one.


Frances, David’s mom, is another.  

(I’m sorry I don’t have a picture of her or of him, but they’re  far away at our home in Saint Louis)  




I thank God for both of them.   For you don’t have to have KNOWN them in your life personally    – to benefit from the love that they imparted.



WWII Fighters in Palm Springs, March 2011 - 005

WWII Fighters 005 (Photo credit: Steve’s Web Hosting)

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  1. Vickicapricorn #

    Very touching

    June 5, 2013
  2. DACO #

    Thanks for the wonderful tribute to Frances and for finding those great photos of the planes my Dad worked on. You’re the best!

    June 5, 2013
  3. allyson king #

    Beautiful post, Marti. Thinking of David today. Big Hugs.

    June 5, 2013

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