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EARLY MORNING STROLL, Petit Dejuner, MARKETS, too many Baguettes

Stumbling out into the windy morning, it was our day to get café grand noir and a “une noisette” with croissant at the port.  Something different.


Croissants (Photo credit: rofi)

Breaking the routine is always good.  Ahhh, it’s almost not winter because people are here and milling about which is not what we’ve been seeing for 3 months atleast.     It’s been QUIET!!   We like it that the temps are a bit warmer, even though we still need  2 hot water bottles in the bed before climbing in.   And it is necessary to hang up our pajamas by the heater under the window or we freeze getting into them.  And, we do that same thing with our clothes in the morning before the coffee is ready or before much of anything, while we stay under the warm covers.   Putting on clothes that don’t freeze your body is a good thing.   The closet where our clothes stay could be used for hanging meat!    We do not know what is on the other side of that closet…the proprietor’s Cave?  Their basement?  Their outside wall ?  We just don’t know.

After drinking our little cafes and chewing on a fresh croissant and watching the boats move briskly back and forth in front of us, we see the fisherman have come in with their daily catch and now engaged in brisk talk and flipping the fresh fish over to scale and de-gut them …….it’s always fun to watch people buying their supremely fresh fish.  One day I’ll be brave enough to try this ( gutting and all). ;-/  ?



Marseille (Photo credit: potomo


We walk towards the Marie (Town Hall) to find the number for my new French school – and it’s close by our apartment and it starts next Thursday.  Very excited.  This one is “Gratuit” – free.   Yeah.

After finding great items at the outdoor vetements market (clothing) for upcoming birthday gifts for 3 members of my family, we head over to the fresh CHEESES.  Dressed in white butcher’s coat and full of energy he beckons us over to try a sample.  It’s  (VERY FRESH) gorgonzola. I think it just came out of the cow.  We tried it and bought a little over a gram. (2 euros)  – Not very much but enough for what we need it for – salads and fresh bread.


Kids Clothing

The pain (bread)  we bought is virtually gone now.

This is the problem in going to the markets.  The baguettes  are so fresh, that the top is bitten off – by  everyone. It’s a French thing.

Español: 3 baguettes

We do this, but we don’t stop at the tip, we continue on eating it until it’s virtually a stub and then we have to go to the other market – the typical grocer’s – and buy , alas, another baquette.  It’s okay.  We have friends at Marche U and like to say hello to them and speak our lousy french.   One is the butcher who so perfectly sharpens my professional knife.   (Gratuit) FREE – because they are just that way here.  We bring him a gift from the US.   They are very kind in this shop – and  patient when we speak our French.    It’s going to be a very good day.  It already is !!! We get back to the little “Les Romarins” apartment and – SIX  separate little letters arrived in one big envelope from my grands today!!!
How lucky can a BABCIA get?!?!

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  1. Love those baguettes!!

    March 3, 2013

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