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PAGNOL – and Peanut Butter

Marcel Pagnol, whose plays and films were the ...

Marcel Pagnol, whose plays and films were the source material for Port of Seven Seas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





Finishing the very last of the AMERICAN Peanut Butter (Crunchy) on a piece of breakfast baguette , we sit on a big rock on that trail that Marcel Pagnol


used to walk and play as a boy and wrote  about as a gifted adult.    The apple stolen from the IBIS hotel (last week) is also smeared with the remaining peanut butter and we are having just a fine ‘ole time up in these hills.   IMG_8998  The hot sun on our faces is such a welcome after a cold cold winter (for the SOUTH), and now the cool air complements the sun.    We have just walked about 30 minutes and have another 45 minutes to go. But we also know that when the brochures, the signs or the “Randonnee maps” say a particular time, we , the  “Two Seniors that are not living life as a usual AARP members” STILL have to add about another 45 minutes to their schedule.   IMG_8996


Doesn’t matter, what we see by HIKING, or “faire de la randonnee” (to go trekking)  is more than ever expected.   Walking even around our little neighborhood this morning before we left for La Treille, we saw so many things, trees, bushes, Mediterranean vistas, architecture, more trees, than we had ever discovered whizzing past by our  little used voiture.  HA!   But ofcourse!


On our way to Le Treille, An hour earlier,  we stopped at LA SOURCE, to fill up our JERRYCAN with the best FREE drinking water full of minerals, calcium and magnesium ,                IMG_2666


( contains no nitrates) and  barium, (an alkaline-earth metal with anti-acid properties that is rarely found in such concentrations.)  This spring water is particularly light.  Did I say it was FREE?


This spring, whose age has been determined by carbon-14 dating at between 2,500 and 7,000 years, could well be, who knows, an elixir of youth, but I’m drinking a LOT of it cause of my knees and arthritis.  I’ll keep you informed as how it goes……….    😉


Anyway, we need this water now on our trek on these hills.   It’s hard to describe, even though that is what I strive to do in my writing, but now I’m just going to post some pictures and let you determine yourself what you think of Pagnol’s countryside. IMG_8987 IMG_8986 IMG_9004


Honestly, to me, it is so beautiful  and even spiritual up here, I just shake my head in disbelief.   The other hikers so pleasant and sincere in their “BONJOUR’s “ to us and their “Bon Promenade”  (Good walking) their happy faces, it  does us so much good to be here on a weekend taking in the beauty and walking these COLLINES – these HILLS……………


I wish I could bring every single person reading this,  with me.   There is SO MUCH to show you!!!!    🙂


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  1. After watching Pagnol’s films nearly 40 years ago, we finally make it to the Garlaban hills!
    Certainly worth waiting for!

    March 3, 2013

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