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A Close Encounter with the Beautiful Agent de Voyage, in Aubagne France

A Close Encounter with the Beautiful Agent de Voyage, in Aubagne France  


Cool poster in a Mittenwald travel agency

Cool poster in a Mittenwald travel agency (Photo credit: Alaskan Dude)




The other day, Marti, almost walked out on her husband.  They were at the “Agence de Voyages” in the  Aubagne “mall” next to Auchun.   They needed a place to go – “package trip” preferred for the winter holiday  – preferably a skiing package in a drop dead gorgeous Alpine village, that is.  Not that they are going to be tearing down the slopes, hair flying out the wool cap, goggles in place,  Nope.  They certainly will not be doing that.   They don’t really ski.     They DID ski.  But –  Not now.  Marti’s knees are totally shot and she’s lucky to be walking the streets of Marseille and climbing buses to get around.  Her husband, David has fine knees, no problems, but SKIING is out of the question.  Once they went to Axamer Lizum, home of the Winter Olympics 1964 and 1976.  It’s excellent for beginners so they, ofcourse, began on the bunny slopes.



Innsbruck bunny slope

Innsbruck bunny slope (Photo credit: K2D2vaca)

But, her husband had weak legs, was very shaky on the slopes. It wasn’t going well.  And it wasn’t from imbibing in some particular vintage of outstanding Austrian   wine the night before.  Nor anything like that.    No.   It happened that he had taken Viagra the night before and thus, any virility show of skiing wasn’t going to happen.   That stuff is potent and leaves you shaking, (I guess).  So, that is not an option.  Skiing at their ages, now?  Oh please!



So, they sat in the little Agence de Voyages boutique and her husband David started asking questions about where to go for a ski holiday.



ALL the packages were for a week or TWO and not just for 3 or 4 days like they were hoping for.  Then David asked her , the agent, whose name was Delphine,  about packages for a few days.  “Those packages don’t exist. “ she had to explain so very sweetly .      Then he started asking her about the TRAIN schedules and how they worked (even Marti knew, by this time, that what you needed to know about train schedules and were afraid to ask was at your local TRAIN STATION, not at this AGENCE de VOYAGES.  BUT, this  Travel Agent   had one particular quality……well, 2, NO,  3 or 4 or 5.  1) she was extremely beautiful  2) she had the speaking voice of an angel 3) she was patient 4) she was even more beautiful than what was just re-iterated in #1.  You get the picture.  So, Marti is beginning to feel uncomfortable and not sure where this is going.



She begins to bury her head in the lovely glossy travel catalogs on her lap.



English: View to Axamer Lizum from north. Moun...

English: View to Axamer Lizum from north. Mountains Ampferstein and Marchreisenspitze (massif Kalkkögel)

David then asks her about the packages to ANY WHERE.   Marti, glancing into shiny photos, forehead in her hand,  shakes her head.  David started a new question about CRUISE PACKAGES and where they went, and where did the French like to go and which cruise ship did they like the best…….and oooohhh la la she is beginning to wonder what the heck – !!!!!!!    This was getting quite ridiculous.   Maybe she should just get up and walk out?



Finally the long conversation between them, came to a close,  & they left with many Au Revoir’s and Bon Journee’s  among their new – HIS new friend,  Delphine, – to (finally) continue their fun grocery shopping at Auchun.



She said to him later,  on the way home that night after 64 euros worth of groceries………..”DAVID – what the heck was that all about?  Did you know that you were flirting with her – all those questions about packages?  You were GLUED to that seat of yours…..and I could see that you were not going anywhere!!  I mean, you were really really trying to cover the gamut in every conceivable travel package you could think up………



For her to have given the answers you wanted with your detail questioning would have taken her the better part of an afternoon.  You do realize that don’t you?  “ What? “  he looks innocent.  SO incredibly naïve.  What… – WHAT?”  –   It was ridiculous.  You do know that,…….. right?”  She queries.   “Well,” he finally says most deliberately, “She was an “agent in training” I was giving her practice………”



Not really expecting the truthful answer she had only slightly anticipated,  –  they both just ended up laughing about it, cracking up actually,  as she drove home through the hills.
But honestly, she thinks………… If it ‘s something that helps the “Just gimMEsomeLOVIN” as the song goes…… then let ‘er rip!!!!!!!!  Questions, that is.  Lots and lots of questions.   No harm.






AND, …………The French Travel Agents  are very patient…….. they will answer you , kindly, and they also  give away beaucoup travel catalogs.



That’s all these two need,…………. more periodicals for their 33 square meter apartment.



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