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LES CAMIONS!!! SPACE!!! It’s a PREMIUM!!! DO not EVER forget it! Make use of the time you have!!!

Right now in Paris there is a HUGE CF.   Do you know what that is?  NO??  Well ask someone.  It’s SNOWING in PARIS – Bigtime – right at this moment and 50, 000 CAMIONS are STUCK, I mean Really really STUCK doing absolutely nothing in a very small space, hoping that eventually, they can get “through” because  – right now, they are not going A N Y W H E R E.


Now, that being said.  I’m going to talk about S P A C E as it relates to non- camion drivers –

FRIDAY – today – Not so good day – but should have been despite the RAIN, the CLOUDS,

the FREEZING COLD.  Is this PARIS?!?!?!

I know

I know

I know

“How can you can complain – when you’re in FRANCE??!???!?!?!  Are you NUTS!??!?”  people are saying……..


I am nuts

I am NUTS for moving here.

Nuts for thinking this was for us……….

Nuts for trying to make it work in a 33 SQ METER APARTMENT>

That being said –

It is – actually – STILL – working -but it has it’s moments.

For example:  Today – we didn’t have a very good plan.  Except for cleaning the apartment  –  there was NOT a “plan”.  You know that when you are living in one of the most desirable places in the world you should make yourselves enjoy everything in it’s entirety – all of the things that meet and greet you each day.  And all those “things”  that are not welcome?  –  That  are very much  at your doorstep ???  Well!!!  Just sweep under the carpet the things that do not go as well as you would like.  (This is true, whether you live in Creve Coeur Missouri, Elizabeth City, NC, or N. Augusta South Carolina, Grand Prairie TX,  Darien Connecticut )  Read this and weep!!!!  SO!!!  What are those things?   Let me count the ways………

But before I do , I’ll just reiterate what went wrong today because if I don’t I ‘ll forget it and I don’t ever ever want to forget this – because there is a lesson here – – — – – – – somewhere…….

When you think that you cannot stand the 33 square meters of living space one minute longer – even though you are in THE most BEAUTIFUL place in the WORLD, go out and try and find something else.

Because when you do, you will see what you can really obtain  out there –  for not much more living space than you already have… negligible …

SQUARE FOOTAGE!! That is the name of the game –  – 

We had 65 square meters in Paris – (outside) – in Montmorency and we have

in CASSIS – in the beautiful port town along the Mediterranean  – 33 SQ METERS –

This, my friends, coming from Missouri, coming from ANYWHERE in the BIG ETATS UNIS, is a little intimidating………..

no matter how much beauty, culture, ambience, yada yada that there is…………..

sometimes – oh my friends, ……..oh my friends…………….yes! You can STILL do this on a limited income!!!!!!!! We are testimony to that fact!!!!!   and YES!  It is STILL S T I L L worth it – big time.

I came home a little depressed today.   The 56 Chemin de ……..  …….  was south of Aubagne

and  – uh……well,…………okay………..nice drive to this way out place in the 11th arrondissement of Marseille …….then the roads got tiny-er and tiny- er and then, uh, well, you had to move way way over to the far right CLIFF in order to let passing traffic come in – but this is where 56 Chemin — was……and OMG!! it looked like the propreiter really had a lovely home if one could possibly stretch their neck like a goose that far up to see it without getting a nose bleed, but we couldn’t so we just took it for granted that it was indeed beautiful from HER standpoint, (not ours) and then remembered what the “Immobilier photos” of the place looked like and they were, uh………okay………..the fact that only 7 square meters of additional living space from what we already  have was the “deal” –  Ummmmm……I don’t think this is going to work.

I’m beyond words at this point.

I pray a  lot…..

I know that what I have is SO BEAUTIFUL – but sometimes does not work, because, alas, I am a COOKER, I am into my kitchen cuisine, I love AMBIENCE, I love SPACE, I love MOVABILITY………that sometimes, the living conditions SO cramp my style frankly, and as embarrassed as I am to say this – It is a true statement.  I love SPACE.

When you are in FRANCE, A  N  Y  W  H  E  R  E  in France- living space is NOT an option.  It comes with a HUGE – H  U   G   E    price.  And the “Space” is even more a premium if you need it “avec meuble” – (with FURNITURE )-   Let that be a lesson to all you space hogs out there in TEXAS or in ANYwhere Etats Unis……you have NO idea how much SPACE is a P R E M I U M – where you are – right now – at this moment…….do not EVER EVER  take it for granted.  Okay??? Cause I’m serious.  If you know what it’s like to live somewhere else in another part of (any) part of the world – S P A C E  is a premium that some have come to know as matter of fact.  It is NOT, I repeat NOT, a matter of fact.  It is not an inborn right.   Get that in your head right now.  

Okay.  I’ve done my deep breathing, my exercises, my – actually – no – I didn’t smoke this time – and am coming to terms with all of the above.  One thing be true:   We are GRATEFUL beyond grateful that we are HERE.   We know that things are not always as they seem.  We know that the little  inconveniences of life do not always pertain to us, but when they do – we can be okay, despite.  This is where we are now…………and where we hope to be in over a year from now.

I’m glad I was able to share it with you………..Remember what you have.  Right now.  Right at this MOMENT.  Even the SIMPLEST of things that you don’t even think about.   TREASURE it.   LOVE it.  Thank GOD for it.

I hope the CAMION drivers have 1) some good sleeping pills 2) good music on their iTunes to lull them to sleep 3) hope for the next day – to get MOVING – despite the odds………..

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  1. I guess 10203 will feel like a mansion after our French 33 sq. meters!

    December 7, 2012

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