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For the NON-REVs in this world…..another True Story, plus Watching 1960 B&W TV French Comedians and Singers at 3 in the morn

……and have no idea what people are laughing about……but I can tell that the entertainers are having a fabulous time.  It’s 3:12am and I’m jet lagged, so I suppose my sleeping until NOON today means I may be up for a long time – cause even the sleeping aid is not working.  I’m “Frankensteins Wife WIDE awake” It’s that bad.  Oh, wait – someone is speaking English just now on this comedy  show.  Yippee!!!

I forgot to tell you that when we took the flight over, from Marseille to Paris to Detroit to Saint Louis – whew!  – ( it was an un-named Fr. Airline Carrier ) that  because we are airline personnel we heard (at the last possible moment…..  -” yes –  there are only 2 seats left and you can have them” (This was when a full orchestra broke out in  ‘Hallelujah” ——somewhere. )

We needed to get in and out-of-the-way of SANDY, the monster hurricane heading towards the EAST COAST.     We live in the midwest, so when he said 2 seats, well, I almost fainted . I would have actually fainted had someone told me at that moment, “Uhhh, did you know Detroit is hosting the WORLD SERIES – TONIGHT?!?!”  Yeah, I learned of that after the fact.   Then we discovered one of our coveted seats was the JUMPSEAT…….for David…….and I felt very sorry for him.  But here is a picture of what that seat actually looked like – as it was a BED……the crews bed…….. which , thankfully, they did not need on this particularly long flight.

I was scrunched between 3 people in the very back -with my arms crossed over my chest,  but who cares – I got ON the flight.  The person to my left was Armenian and had flown already for 6 hours.  I felt lucky.  The couple next to me were complaining about their travel agent making them rush to another airline, were not keen on me when I said “Bonjour” to them (they were American) so I sat there and felt grateful.  Just GRATEFUL.     Our non-rev experiences are just so full of anticipation, angst, and eventually an incredible release of pent-up adrenaline from the first words of “Let me see your tickets”  as this nice French agent  smiles a great big smile – (meaning we got on the flight) so that SLEEP – or should I say Passing OUT  from relief, is not at all hard to do!!

David’s lucky jumpseat/bed with a night table!  INCROIABLE

OH!  The above true story was GOING HOME to SAINT LOUIS

now – rhe reverse run looks like this ……………..

(written to all of my friends –  all TWO of them)……….   :-0


We MADE it HOME!!!!

24 hours later
Tons of sitting, tons of waiting….
but for $130  dlrs roundtrip – – – who can complain
(my ONLY retirement benefits) ha ha
(David says “all those planes you cleaned, and all those bags you loaded, (which killed my knees)
and all those  IRATES  that you took care of at the ticket counter………. – that’s the prize!!!!!)  ha ha
OH! And we won’t forget all the hugs, love, pasta dinners, jacuzzi spa night, AMERICAN hamburger nights, beautiful
lunch with close friend
and WINDSOR (our church) with family………Loved it, loved it, LOVED it !!!
Love ya all & miss you already!
10:35pm Marseille time
Weather:  Rainy, misty,  and in the CLOUDS – but not cold
(I love it here)


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  1. Derek #

    Amazing. The jumpseat, how lucky. Glad you made it. Happy you voted. Thank God Obama for 4 more years.

    November 12, 2012
  2. Amy Sanchez #

    So, r u in St. Louis now? Call me please! Nov. 13th. Amy

    November 13, 2012
  3. Your’re right…prayers do work!! What a journey!

    November 13, 2012
  4. Amy Sanchez #

    ok, so you’re back in France. Are you coming home to the states for Christmas? I can’t believe another year has gone by already!!!!

    November 14, 2012
    • Amy Sanchez #

      Marti, it was fabulous skyping you the other day! I really really miss you!!! I’m still so amazed at the technology we have today to be able to talk face to face with you all the way in France and me in Florida! Your apartment is tres chic! I’m so happy your living your dream. Tell David not to work to hard and I miss him too! Xoxo

      November 17, 2012

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