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HOTELS near PARIS for your NON-REV reading pleasure……….

Written Fall – 2011 – (The ROBBERY STORY at the end of this blog, written as a letter to a friend)

Okay. We made it. . We arrived in darkness.  That’s the first time !- (it’s usually sunrise.) So, 6:30AM Paris time – 11:30PM – CST. It’s overcast and cool and the air woke us up once outside……… There was only 1 seat in FIRST CLASS, so I did the good wife thing and sat in back with my husband – even though he said “GO AHEAD, take the SEAT!” (NEXT time I’m going to think of only myself and take the FRONT!) ha ha. Flt was uneventful.  Which is always good. OH!  I forgot, when you tell the F/A you’re non-rev she not only comps you wine, she brings you several bottles. We’re writing a good letter on her, minus the comp-ing. After an aeoport train, then hotel bus, we have arrived In our little CHAIN HOTEL (B&B) next to CDG aeroport and also in that group of hotels that are:  Campanille, Pullman, All Seasons,  Park Inn,  Novatel, B&B, Premiere Classe, Etap, Ibis and Best Western. ALTHOUGH this B&B chain IS  the best bargain in ALL of this city, I swear. (Although we’re not actually in the city, are we?)  They gave us an airline discount again – normally the room goes for 50 euros and she reduced it to 37!!! This is unprecedented – as all hotels in Paris are atleast minimum 150 euros a night unless you get a real dive and then you’re still going to pay atleast $120 USD – MAYBE.    The other benefit we received – staying at this B&B is that the shuttle from TERMINAL 3 does cost – but when she saw my Airline Staff Card – did not charge us for the shuttle either!!!  Whoo hoo!!! – we’re both bone tired. When I signed on my macair – with the nice hotel gal  helping me get on WIFI – a huge picture of STEVE JOBS came up with 1955-2011.  I guess he died.  How sad. But what a life. ABOUT STAYING IN ROISSYVILLE – NEXT TO CDG AEROPORT: Most hotels near Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport are reached by hotel shuttle bus. There are seven different hotel shuttle lines serving over 30 hotels. The list below shows how to find the right transport for your hotel.   – for all you need to know about staying in this great little inexpensive area of a Paris suburb! This is one of France’s greatest secrets.  You think there is NOTHING outside this huge metropolis known as Charles de Gaulle Aeroport, but there is! _ An entire village!  A village (from the 12th Century, infact,)( where  that masochistic novel ‘STORY OF O” was written sometime in the 18th Century! ) This village is  next to CDG with inexpensive hotels (comparatively speaking) and very good restaurants!  You must try this if you are on a shoestring budget.  Which we are most definitely. FIRST YOU TAKE THE CDGVAL shuttle train, to ROISSYPOLE, next to Terminal 3.  There are several buses, some in different colors, but all with their prospective hotels on the sides of the buses, so you can’t make a mistake which one to get on.  Silver shuttle vans also serve the Hilton and Pullman hotels. WE got off at the ROISSYPOLE and then took the BLACK bus to B&B Hotel. We had to wait about 10-15 minutes total for that bus.  You can wait inside if increment weather. OBSERVATIONS AT DINNERTIME LAST NIGHT – OCT 6TH 2011 – ROISSY-VILLAGE: There is a gentleman eating alone and he has some sort of beefsteak with frites (fries) and his wine.  After he has finished eating he sits for about 1/2 hour just thinking, musing, sipping his wine….and then asks for the menu back to order dessert.  He spends time with that, and his last of wine and coffee and then gets the check.  Can you imagine someone doing that in the US?  I mean we have appetizer, entree, dessert and leave and it’s a rolling ‘em over mentality – no one SITS for God’s sakes…… a restaurant and has ongoing conversation like it’s happening right here, right now!  I’m so entertained at all of this.  You cannot imagine.  This place was wonderful (Trois Gourmands – Creperie) in Roissy Village – it’s a “mom and pop” cafe and they work very hard. There were about 35 patrons total in this small cafe and it was quite lively. David liked it so much, we will go back there tonight – and have dinner again. I just shake my head when David really likes something, because we’re going to go back to it again and again…. I can see it now……30 years later, we arrive with our little canes and walkers and walk in and exclaim – We came here 30 years ago and have been coming ever since – atleast once a year – and they shake our hands and say how nice it is to see us again, and then I get the menu and say, “Oh, I just want the same as usual” and she looks at me sadly and says, “Oh, Je suis desolate madame, we no longer  have the ennthmal cheese crepe, it’s a new cheese from a modified cow called “skinny cow cheese”  and the crepes are not made from scratch anymore, they arrive in big frozen boxes and we just zap them in the microwave.”  NOT! It’s OCT 7th 2011 TODAY and is IRIS’ BIRTHDAY. SHE IS 1 !!!!! I will miss her party. And I’m sad. OBSERVATIONS ON HOTELS IN ROISSY AREA NEAR CDG: Here are some of the hotels in Roissy Village (next to CDG) where we walked to this morning to do our research.  € is now 1.34 – 10/7/2011 B&B – (where we are)  – normally €52 -double – a night – transportation to and from airport, €5.   We were able to get them down to €38 (including tax) for a double with no fee for transportation back and forth to airport – with airline discount.  Breakfast is extra-€5.95 each. Advantages: inexpensive, clean, nice pillows, big sink in bathroom, nice shower, blackout curtains, WIFI, close to airport & trains, very quiet hotel, large doubleglazed window. Breakfast at €5.95 is not glass and silver, but paper and plenty adequate: eggs, bacon, yogurts, several types of breads, jams, jellies, cereals, several types of coffees, hot chocolate, juices, cereals, milk Disadvantages: small BEST WESTERN – €120 on weekends – up to €450 during week. Discount for airline – €116 (weekend). Advantages: **** star, large room, 2 double beds, impressive dining area, can use your Best Western Rewards card Disadvantages: Expensive (how much time are you spending in the room?) discount for airline employees – pitiful HOLIDAY INN – €150 & up.  Airline Discount rate – €111. Advantages: ****star, large rooms, 2 double beds, beautiful dining area, can use Priority Points Rewards card Disadvantages: Expensive (how much time in there, once again?) Discount for airline employees – not substantial enough NOVOTEL – €109 weekends & up. Don’t know room size. No brochure. Advantages:  ****star, takes  A-Club rewards card Disadvantages:  Expensive. No discount for airline ONLY SUITES – €155 & up Advantages: ****star, large rooms, some kitchenettes Disadvantages: no airline discount, read reviews on Expedia etc. RELAIS SPA: €109 & up.  No airline discount PREMIERE CLASSE – €95 & up Advantages: ***star Disadvantages: Relatively expensive MECURE – €119 & up.  Airline discount rate – €59 ($78 USD) Advantages: ****star, large rooms, nice bar and dining areas, nice bathrooms on first floor, Large Crew Room – first floor,  so very airline friendly,  A-Club rewards card which is also good for Ibis, Novatel, All Seasons, Adagio Disadvantages: Did not see room size, but probably bigger than B&B I suggest reading reviews on Expedia on any of the above hotels, but just remember, you don’t always get what you pay for and you probably won’t be spending enough time in the hotel for you to need such a huge room. Then again, you might.  We make the small rooms work as we only have carry-on luggage anyway.  We can never check a bag due to being airline staff. See my chapter on how to travel teeny tiny small………………… (all over the world) Since i don’t have time to write  am sending what happened to us last night………. (sent to Ian).  Haven’t told anyone else but it’ll get around now It was harrowing………… I will have to write a full fledged story on this – on my blog  – it’s unreal……… here’s goes:     …..and on the 3rd day – – –  of our stay in Roissy – Village: – who’d have “thunk” but Babcia and Papa’O got robbed in Paris.   Yes! All the important stuff: MacAir, Acer and iphone – all taken out of our room. We came in from dinner, noticed it all gone  – Called police. Long story short – 4 hours later – captured criminals,found them at another hotel, with more stuff lots of police, very efficient, gave our statements, pressed charges.  Had to go to this police station then to the GENDARMARIE station……. in the dark misty rain…….like out of an Agatha Christie novel………..very weird……. – we even were confronted with the criminals,(too weird) one old guy kept saying “je suis desolate” – “I’m sorry” I’m thinking to myself, what am I to do? Forgive him on the spot like Jesus did? I actually felt bad for him….. .. SO! Got all our stuff BACK!!! Everything. Came back to the hotel at 1AM & wiped it all down with alcohol wipes.. – changed rooms….   God is good.  We were VERY fortunate,   Added note:   Apparantly they were doing more of this at other hotels…… While giving report in our hotel to police- they got “a radio call” that they had our stuff…… Then – no news whatsoever how they got into the room…. (we have a 6 digit code to enter each day).  Maybe magnetic gadget, – who knows? – they lie, police said……hard to find out.  In our bag of items retrieved were other things that did not belong to us, like a gold watch, earrings, … they had been busy. (We think now it was an inside job – & I was really STUPID for leaving the MAC out on the desk while we were at breakfast and the maid cleaned our room. Stupid stupid stupid.  I’m way too trusting.  The lock was not busted. So……………that’s what we’re thinking and told the GENDARMARIE exactly that.   You cannot imagine the fear that went through us – not just losing the expensive computer(s) but all our STUFF, Financial, Word files, PHOTOS, EVERYTHING……. Have got to back up this computer and his with that “time machine” or some monthly deal where all your stuff is underground in Colorado or somewhere……. Too FRIGHTENING.   Oh we did receive that night comped from the hotel mgr, and a free night’s stay anytime we want ……… Well, I should HOPE so. He also said that since they had no safes, he would personally hold our computers for us next time…….. FINI

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