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“I’m Bond…..James Bond,” he says – (the man who popped up in our face from depths below)

My friend Sharon is the ultimate photographer.  I schlep my body with her everywhere while she turns countless dials on her fabulous camera, sets up the tri-pod(s), squints obsessively into the lens and brings forth the most fabulous photos of this area that I live in, called Cassis.P1120950

Many venus are hard to get to  and some require sitting (me) on little boulders that are even with the  already rocky soil, so that means that getting up is almost out of the question.  

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I’m not twenty, but you already know that.   It is at this moment, (when I push my body into an ever embarrassing position just so that I can get UP) that  one realizes the impending reality of knee replacement surgery.

Anyway  – the climbing, the walking, the visuals of what we see when we find the exact location – is amazingly interesting and so very beautiful it defies comprehension

Have you ever seen somewhere -especially a place you LIVE, through someone else’s – (not just EYES)  but their LENS?  It’s the most amazing phenomenon.  You swear those places in your own town, never existed, or if they did, they  certainly couldn’t have been HERE -but alas, they are here and you are seeing them for the first time.  It just never occurred to you to see a mountain cliff, in the mist, with hanging clouds, just in that way before.  Nor has it occurred to you that the weeds in front of you, with just the right light, and just the right amount of fluffy clouds padding the background, and the crispness of the weed, which is really not just a weed but a beautiful discovery of

 Leuzia Conifera

that this is what really looking at and seeing nature,  is all about.

But what was really surprising is the guy that popped his head up from the mountain cliff while my friend was in deep concentration snapping shots of the enormously huge drop below – of sea, mountain and rocks.   This climber just popped up from NOWHERE!!!   It scared us to death and then we laughed because it was just so unexpected.  He saw our surprise and as he continued clipping his belt clips to various hooks in the rocks ahead, looked up at us – just his head mind you, sort of just “floating there”  while the rest of his body dangled precariously off the cliff, and said to us………My name is Bond…………James Bond……..

Perfect line……..           

Perfect perfect line!!!!

We just died laughing

and then shot as many photos of this “james bond” that we possibly could.

Here is the outcome.                    (Second Climber)

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  1. richard #

    excellent pix…..some look like like they would be great in a frame

    October 15, 2012
  2. Love the “James Bond” theme!

    October 15, 2012
  3. Vicki #

    Beautiful pics! but…. please don’t make me climb the rocks. Just looking at you sitting there makes my knee hurt, because after sitting there, I could never get up!!

    October 16, 2012

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