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You think because you’re in EUROPE, the TRAINS always run on time……Not so fast there Sherlock


The first 2 weeks of David’s new job, and in our new home, outside of Marseille, I waited and waited for my husband to appear in  our cozy abode – from his stimulating job of teaching adults English.  He never appeared.  Well, he did, actually, 4, 5 or  6 hours later………….Because the trains, at St Charles Gare, in Marseille, were undergoing a huge schedule change, unbeknownst to the traveling public.  To even GET to the ST CHARLES STATION in MARSEILLE from the BRITISH COUNCIL, he first had to get the guard to take him to the metro stop.  That happened …….ONCE.   The guard decided she didn’t want to be a guard anymore and never showed up at work  after the first 2 nights.  The 2nd guard, a nice french gentleman, David walked along side him  to the metro as he had no car (either) , but alas walked so tres vite that David could hardly keep up with him.  That ended that.   David just walked the long trek from the school to the metro  from then on and then entered the St Charles station where he was told (the FIRST time,) ah,….we’re sorry………there is no train……we have a bus coming for you.   Thus, 3 hours later, David arrives at the tiny station in Cassis, got to our little apt,  and he is now exhausted, but home.  The second time, the station manager apologizes profusely and now gets a taxi for the travelers /commuters that are waiting.  The (several) taxis take the customers from Marseille, to Toulon, Aubagne, CASSIS,  Les Ciotat, etc.  David arrives home around 1:30am.   The third time, there is no train, again, there is no station master, there is nothing.  Just a whole lot of commuters waiting to go HOME, and now the only way they will get there is to take the first early morning train, and that is at 5:30am.  David literally spends the night in the station with the most unsavory characters imaginable, even to the point of the deaf and dumb girl sitting beside David for protection from a “stalker/drunk” and David is thinking,”OH dear God, what in the world……..” ……….After being thrown out by the Gendarmarie (twice), the drunk never shows again.  Well, all the commuters make it on the train at 5:30am and David got home at 6:00am in time for me to be out the door for my suburban bus to Marseille for my French Class.

Ahhhhhhhhh………………..Life……………….Transportation………………………..what you must do to get from A         to            B…………when you are without the convenience of a  C   A    R .             Amazing.

Needless to say,  We have a CAR now………..David has begun to accept that he must drive our little,   very used car all the way down the mountain into Marseille, from now on, in order to get to his job and to get home.  It’s a bit hairy at times…….especially with the Evil Knevil motorcycles racing around him at EVERY sharp turn……and then returning at night.  It’s  best if there’s a full moon, because otherwise it’s really dark up there, — beautiful, but precarious.   There  is an alternate route, albeit much much longer, so , I always pray for him to have a safe trip.   

This is my 100th post.  I have a secret to share for you but you’ll have to wait………..I’m telling  a story – a true story. It will probably be attached to “Pages”, so look for it there.

Till next time……….

Tout a l’heure!!!!!!!!

Thanks for reading.

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Love you all




These are photos taken from 1) when I was a flight attendant on an Embrarer 50 seater,

various cars we liked,  and = actually not sure how Stonewall Jackson’s daughter got in there or the pic of me and David in front of the White House, but needless to say I didn’t TIME TRAVEL to 1875 nor did I go back to DCA in 2006, alas, they are in there and I’m way too tired to try and take them out of here.  So



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  1. Congrats on your 100th post!! Looking forward to many more.

    October 5, 2012
  2. Derek #

    Marti. I look forward to your wonderful stories.

    October 6, 2012
  3. I love reading about your adventures! Congratulations on the 100th post.

    October 8, 2012

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