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I Lift Up My Eyes Unto The Hills – From Whence Cometh My Help

My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.

Hi Grands!!

You know what  one of  the best things about going to school is?   – Getting up very early! For when you do this – you see things you don’t ordinarily  see.  Today, for example, I got on the bus before dawn and when I could finally see out the window the most gorgeous hills came into view.   I immediately thought of the verse above.!!   It’s from Psalm 121.   It really made my day as it was going to be a difficult French day.  Please remember that verse whenever you need help.  Okay?  🙂

And do you know what I was able to see on the long walk to the school?    A huge flea market had just opened up with such beautiful items on display, but it was so early that I actually watched them take all the items OUT of their vans, and proceed  to put it all together in the most organized way I’ve ever seen! They work so very hard, as it’s a beehive of vendors  unloading, setting up tables,  placing lovely cloths on them,  lifting up canopies, arranging the items ever so carefully, taking fresh fish from containers of ice,  displaying them in an appealing manner, the meat vendors, the produce vendors  doing the same – it’s all so unbelievable to watch.  I walked past so many items of clothing, all sizes, even baby things, and then bric-a-brac, ribbons, yarn, crochet hooks, threading, pillows, materials (usually those lovely bright Provencal prints)  baskets, linens, more specialty foods, more cheeses, and the vegetables just jump out at you because they are so vibrant with color.  They also had huge brown eggs in big baskets, chickens that were so fresh, (but I would have to tell them to please take the head off for me;  😉  –  fresh fish, fresh shellfish, scallops, moules (mussels) and calamari.  How to take some calamari without it smelling up the classroom, eh?  Hmmm.  Would have to wait for that.    I did buy some linens (as you probably read about my loving them on the last blog) however, these were only 3 euros, hardly PORTHAULT, but that’s okay, it’ll do the trick.  I have to use my bad French to get questions answered.  It finally worked.

Well, it’s afternoon already, class was great, and I’m heading for the bus.  The wind is blowing, so by tonight we’ll have a full MISTRAL.  It will last 3 days, 6 or 9.  It’s really blowing out there.
Here is the view of my walk home when I get off the bus.

Not bad, eh?

EVERYwhere I look – I see these hills……..even coming out of the grocery store!        

Well, my shutters are hitting each other, so I’ve got to close them.  (I’m home now  – and will rest a bit before Papa’O comes home as he won’t be off the train until 11PM!! )   I like to go outside and greet him when he drives up in our new little used car!)    Here’s a picture of it:  

Have a very good week you 4 and remember the beautiful verse above.

Love, Babcia

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  1. Hill’s are great to look at, but tough to climb- glad we got the Fiesta.

    September 20, 2012
  2. Hill’s are pretty challenging sometimes, glad we have the Fiesta.

    September 20, 2012
  3. penstruck1 #

    Very uplifting and encouraging. Thanks

    September 20, 2012

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