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or – it doesn’t matter where you’re living, sometime the “COMFORTS of HOME” are just plain PARAMOUNT…………..HENCE:


Oh, I must have been a laundress in another life, as I have an extreme fetish about clean sheets and towels.  When you don’t have access to a washer, it can drive you mad!   First of all, we had so few towels in our first apartment, that David and I had to share the same bath towel.  I thought , yuk, but actually is wasn’t bad after you get used to it.

Then we got TWO towels, and that was luxury.

Amy brought them from Miami, plus sheets,  regular sized pillows and even blow up beds. I could now have company – of which she was the FIRST!  LOVED it AMY and your VISIT!  🙂 

When we moved into the apartment in the South of France recently, we again were at a limit.

One towel was used for a bathmat, and the other we shared again.  Towels must be dried outside here.  There are few to NO  DRYERS here in France. That is just plain wasteful and so non-eco friendly in their eyes – and the sun shines all the time (well, 300 days) down here in the South, so no excuses.  PUT THE LAUNDRY OUT!

We did get an extra towel or two from the landlord, so that was a bonus, but they’re tiny.

Just like everything else…..  TINY cups,, tiny glasses, tiny plates, tiny towels, tiny living spaces, tiny cars, tiny washing machines, tiny receipts, TINY EVERYTHING.  David says even the mosquitos are so tiny we can’t  even SEE THEM.   True. Did I tell you our apartment is tiny?  Here is how we deal with that.  ————>

This is our friend’s AIRSTREAM.  They lived in this for 10 years.  If they can do it. WE can do a 33 sq. meter Apartment!!!

Think how everything is oversized in America.  Think of those “Big Gulps” at Quick Trip, or the mammoth automobiles, or the oversized plates of food in most restaurants. Got the image?  Okay, now think totally opposite.  That is France.

our tiny dinner

as we failed to go to the market today – see the 3 lonely grapes?   🙂

Anyway – about the linens – – sorry I got off of a tangent…….

When I don’t have a fresh washcloth (they don’t use those either) and a clean towel, sometimes it would push me over the edge.

I may live in a prole neighborhood back in Saint Louis, but when you come to my house, to stay overnight,  you will be treated as though you were staying at the RITZ.  I will use my best linens and they will be ironed or have been sun- dried on a clothesline, and the bed will be fluffy and comfortable.  I know, I’m probably in for my guests staying longer than 3 days because I make them so comfortable.

Bed made up with bed linens with blue and gree...

Bed made up with bed linens with blue and green highlights (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I should have had a B&B.

Check out this amazing linen boutique.  It is my dream to be able to afford just one set of sheets from here. I understand that if you take a trip to LILLE, there are factories there where the linens can be found for one half the cost of the Paris store.

Jackie Kennedy ordered all the sheets and linens for the WHITEHOUSE from Porthault Paris.  Oooh la la – to be a guest then.

Like I said, I think I owned a laundry once,  was a laundress, was Chinese, belonged to royalty of some sort – maybe owned a Porthault Store – in another life – because fine crisp clean linens – are enormously popular with me. My comfort is wrapped up in them.

Now to the beach – with my lone thin towel that I’ll again share with my husband as we sit on the sand.  🙂       Not bad.      This beach is in BANDOL

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  1. as i think of my visit to bed bath and beyond today and saw the towels stacked to the ceiling,,,,enjoying my quadruple big gulp…thinking of the all you can eat buffett…….i guess those voles living in my front yard have a larger living quarters there than you do…

    September 17, 2012
  2. Actually when sharing towels it matters most who showers 1st as the other person gets a damp one!

    September 17, 2012
  3. penstruck1 #

    Sitting on the beach in France with one towel. I still think that’s great

    September 17, 2012

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