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The Apartment – Final Stage – Sleep

We are in CASSIS, pronounced CASS – See –

It is magnificently beautiful.       

Our apartment is tiny.  But it’s okay.  We’ll be OUT – a  LOT.

Here are the last stages of getting a place to LIVE……………..

Step 11)  Find the agency via car- let hubby out while Marti PARKS said car – not easy – and give copious amounts of Deposits, Agency fees to our agency girl, Natalie,     Then find the INSURANCE company in this little village –  to buy the rentor’s apt insurance, bring back the satisfaction of the insurance TO the Real Estate Agency, so we can proceed from there with the mandatory break for lunch (2 hours)

At this point, we have decided to enjoy an espresso and a beer while we wait and wait for the AGENCY to re-open after their mandatory 2 hour lunch.

Step 12 ) This next step is to accompany the Real Estate Agency Angel, to the apartment  at 3:45pm (2 hours later ) – I had a nap in the car as it was rainy and cool and wanted to be DRY after walking in the rain.   We are now to meet with the Electrical /Energy Inspectors to determine the square footage of the apartment -( we don’t really want to know this, as it’s half the size of our Paris apartment)  & what we’re going to be  in for  – each month –  for an electricity bill. ( It shouldn’t be much  – it’s SO TINY!)

However, before this can take place, – David, the Guarantor has to complete a HAND -WRITTEN statement in FRENCH, stating that he is willing to guarantee his wife’s student status.  (Even though we’re married and this is not your typical STUDENT APT LEASE). It’s about 4 pages long.   He must hand-write this – like I already reiterated.


In reading the contract, it’s all in French, ofcourse;  we must read and accept various conditions – the conditions of the furnitures, the amount of the furniture, how many pieces of dishes, cups, plates, saucers, flatware, pots, pans, casseroles, coffee pots, (broken) , tea kettle, table, chairs, wicker, sofa, TV, etc, there are.

But then, there are additional “TAXES” for the apartment – – the yearly garbage tax – occupancy tax – calculated  on – and based on money earned.  Since I am unemployed (at the moment )-  I shouldn’t be held responsible for the occupancy tax….She says.  “You’re a student”.     Garbage tax, however, yes.

Sign papers without knowing about washer/ WiFi/ garbage tax/ or occupancy tax

Get the keys, drive to apartment, open the doors and fall  into the big bed – in the tiny apartment.


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  1. We made it to the sea at Cassis!

    September 13, 2012
  2. penstruck1 #

    Well, I am one my way. I must stand in the ocean and look out your windows. Of course, since it’s so ‘tiny’ I may have to hold my breath. What a lovely place.

    September 14, 2012
  3. Sharon #

    The area looks beautiful.. and hopefully you are through with the bureaucracy (at least for awhile). You get kudos for navigating the maze – botht the country and the paper. Looking forward to seeing you soon – get that air mattress pumped up!

    September 14, 2012
  4. OH my! I have been following your adventures and it looks remarkable! I could sit in that window for hours and then move out to the beach for a bit more relaxing. Ahhh!!! Cannot wait to read more. Keep it up! Love love love living vicariously through you… : )

    September 14, 2012

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