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Letters from Marseille – RED BULL ROCKS!!!!

Dear Ryan,
Why, oh why did NO one tell me about RED BULL before? That stuff is awesome ( I know you hate that word ) but it kept me not only driving for HOURS – and sweeping round those “round-a-bouts all towards the Mediterranean, but I’ve never moved so much in a stationary spot (driver’s seat) in my life. I think others might call it “DRIVE DANCIN’ ” –  Ofcourse the car stereo was rockin’ as well. Thank goodness for great tunes on what could be a boring drive.
Today, we saw a town called Mirmande, a village that is alteast 700 years old and was first seen by us (me and Daco)  in 1995. It is more lovely than ever – and I went to the spot where the IRISes were beautiful to me (17 years ago) but it wasn’t the season and other flowers were there instead.  What a
fabulous car ride down south. We’re now near GORDES,& BONNIEUX  and will complete our journey tomorrow. If you want to know what those towns look like – check the upstairs bath- I have posters in there of these places.  Also check out the rose garden – we’ve hired someone to take care of the garden for us – and for you – Iris will love it.
Miss you, MISS IRIS, Miss Anna – and hope you all are doing fabulous and going to some Warrior’s games! I LOVED the pic of Iris at Evan’s game with her hands folded intently!!!!  She knows her football already!!
Life is good. The SUN is SHINING brightly. We’ve left cold Paris behind. (It was chilly when we left on Saturday!)


MOM & Daco

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  1. penstruck1 #

    Never had Red Bull. But might try it now.

    September 5, 2012
  2. What a ride on that red bull to Cassis!

    September 7, 2012
  3. What a ride on that red bull!

    September 7, 2012

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