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Grands visit Paris – Day Six!!



Sacre Coeur (9:00 – 6:00) – BUS or M to Abbesses – and then walk

Espace Dali (adults 10 euros, kids 6 euros) 10:00 – 6:00 EARLY AFTERNOON =  Cafe across from VanGogh’s house in Montmartre

or Sandwiches      —      Amelie’s Cafe on Rue Lepic (Cafe des 2 Moulins) – very 50’s inside –

Happy hour is 3.50 euros starting at 7p – Plats – tres cher

Montmartre   SUNSET – maybe?



The Famous Rex Theatre  was our first stop for the “Rex Club” where the kids got to visit this famous Theater and how movies have been made over the years.  Very fun and interactive  and they got to watch KING KONG trying to climb the tower – we saw how famous actors had come to this theatre for the last 70+ years, interacted with a movie doing sound effects, very fun.   The last famous person to come to THE REX, Red Carpet and all  – and to  show his movie there was Stephen Spielberg this last October (2011) – for Tin Tin.  D & I missed him by 10 minutes last Fall!!  – Boooo!  G & O are little movie makers of their own – and thought this would be interesting to them. 

Walked out & saw everyone (Parisian of course) eating their huge meal of the day in the middle of the day at all these cafes – – what  me and D,  who have been here over 7 months,  STILL can’t get used to – but is the way we really need to eat now that we live here.  Walked to the luggage store -Got the cool bag of “little cartoon graphics to match their other bag at a shop next door. Yeah!

From there the metro to Anvers to Sacre Coeur & MONTMARTRE.  Took the funicular up which  Navigos were good for – and then  had a picnic on the steps of Sacre Coeur overlooking the city! Lovely day, really warm, and think we got a bit of a suntan on top of the city. Highest point in Paris, actually. The view overlooking Paris from Sacre Coeur was really lovely.

Saw inside Sacre Coeur, They were having a mass, then to Place de Tetre where all the artists hang out – walked around to admire all the art – and kids had drawings done!!!  Dali Musee  was  around the corner.  J had his cartoon/caricature done and the girls together!! What a great job this artist did.  C’est bon!!!

Saw a little of the old streets up on Montmartre, but not much of the non-touristy areas. Way too much walking down and around – 😦

Went back to Pont Alma for :

Cruise on the Seine that night – on the Bateau Mouche to end a very fine visit with my lovely family from Saint Louis.  (TOO SHORT!!)  The Eiffel Tower sparkled as we came back to Pont Alma – so beautiful! We walked along Pont Alexandre – one of THE most beautiful bridges in the world – the golden statues on the Pont – given to Paris – after  (Franco-Prussian war).   SO LOVELY!!  Took the metro – RER – back to Gare du Nord  & back to Apartment.

Crashed – to wake early for catacombs?   Not.  But just as well.


Enghien-les-bains in A.M.  – shops….Pharmancy…The Lake around the Casino-Then more final packing  Then to CDG via PINK TRAIN and the RER  – to UA at CDG  &  plane ride home back to St Louis in afternoon –   😦

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  1. I don’t know you but I’m exhausted! You are an awesome mom and grandma Marti!

    April 13, 2012
    • Don’t know how I did it either. Really fun, but exhausting, I’m worried I wore them out and they won’t be back.
      There was SOOOOOO much we didnt’ even get to scratch the service – like Latin Quarter- so much HISTORY right in that quarter –
      and different georgeous parks……… I feel sad that we couldn’t do it all. But it was only 6 full days, not enough time

      April 13, 2012

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