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DAY FOUR – Grands visit Paris!!

WEDNESDAY PLAN – (If it’s Wednesday, it must be VERSAILLES!)

Versailles (Closed Monday 18 euros, kids free) Garden 8 m – 6pm, Palace 9am – 5:30pm (Paris Pass)  –  David goes to teach his class in Versailles so goes with us on RER –

REX CLUB  (Famous Rex Theatre from the 30’s)  10-7pm – 8:50 Euro kids – and me


(Ian & B’s  dinner out) -CAFE CONSTANT-139 RUE ST DOMINIQUE- While they’re at HOTEL on Poncaire  they could take:– Bus 82  dir of Neuilly – goes around Eiffle Tower in TROCODERO – & Poncaire,Iena stops etc – Lovely views upclose with the bus and they already have the navigo for it.


Relaxing morning- then headed out to VERSAILLES on the RER-C-Papa’O went there to teach his class and left us at the Cafe.  While drinking expressos and snacking I picked up our tour tickets next door at Tourist Information for private tour.

We headed to the huge lake next to Versailles and stretched out for a big picnic, baguette sandwiches, drinks, wine, nuts, chips,  desserts, and dangled feet over the water. (Or in J’s case rolled down the hill!) The kids stretched out and either sketched or wrote postcards!   Glorious day!   (See slideshow – coming up)

Headed  back from the LAKE – to the front of Versailles to meet guide – – again no lines SO – pays to come to Paris EARLY in the springtime as the 17,000 visitors a day isn’t something to relish and the lines to each room are very long! She said sometimes over one hour to move through those rooms.  No thanks.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There were a lot of other tours going on in other languages, but just our family went through as our own group! Guide was French and she was knowledgeable.  It moved fast & was a great tour.  We met Papa’O afterwards at the station and headed back on the train.

Ian & B left us at RER Eiffel where they went to their hotel and for their special dinner at CAFE CONSTANT on Rue Dominque.

We stayed on the train for the trip back home and for dinner. (Picardi’s famous 4 cheese pizza with salad!!) Dessert cookies – Kids and I thought up more fun questions for the French/Am family –  for tomorrow’s game!    CAFE CONSTANT was a “private occasion” thus, I have no pictures.  But make no mistake about it – Cafe Constant is a great place for a French Dinner that won’t entirely break the bank!   Also, Chef Constant came out and introduced himself, so that was a HUGE HUGE deal!!!


(If it’s Thursday in the 19th Arrondisment; it must be Christmas in MARCH !!!!)

Notre Dame (English Tour Thurs 2pm) Towers 10am – 5:30 (last access 4:45) (Paris Pass) –

Do the Ile de France – walk to Centre Pompidou

Centre Pompidou (Closed Tuesday 13 euros, kids free) 11:00 – 9:00pm (Paris Pass)

BUTTES CHAMONT PARK – around 4:30 – to see my friend’s apartment in the 19th – meet my friends – a  French/Amer couple, see the cutest baby ever and have real BRITTANY CREPES !!!

Stay tuned for the fifth day !!! Tomorrow!!! See what we did!!!   (Are we having fun yet?  Are we having leg cramps?  Are we READY to do this again today?- )

YOU BET WE ARE!!!!!  IT’S   P   A   R    I    S   Baby  !!!!!

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  1. This is your husband….great pictures, wish I had been there!

    April 9, 2012

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