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DAY THREE – Grands Visit Paris!!


Musee D’Orsay (Closed Monday 9 euro, kids free) 9:30 – 6:00 (Paris Pass)

Solferino M – or Bus _63__Jardin de Luxembourg – Pantheon – maybe  (Catacombs – 7 euros, kids free) 10:00 – 5:00

Do the “Latin – Laura tour” can use  –  BUS 95 if tired out – 

Crepes a go go – on Rue Soufflot (near the Pantheon) 

Eiffel Tower (Tues 8pm)-RESERVED   

Ian and B to a special stay at a lovely


in Trocodero area by Eiffel Tower!   


Musee D’Orsay in a.m. – LOVELY day!!! The impressionist works and Degas were the favorites!!  

Bus to Latin Quarter after – – Walked to Luxembourg Jardin – ate in Garden –  – walked towards Catacombs, and past OBSERVATOIRE,  past Closerie des Lillas Cafe (in Hemingway’s writings).   Arriving at the Catacombs it had just closed as they stop giving tickets at 4P!! -Did see the “model” of the Catacombs and it’s pretty impressive in that if you can make it down the winding stairs to what seems like the center of the earth, not only do you get many skulls/skeletons  greeting you, but  this is actually BELOW the metro!  Got some shoe inserts for G’s shoes  (it was a marathon walk there, ouch!) – and had I known the BUSES like I do the METRO, we might have been able to take a bus!

Went to famous “Village VoiceEnglish Bookstore  in the heart of the Latin quarter J got a book.  Continued on to LADURIE   where we got fresh beautiful succulent macaroons to have later after Eiffel Tower.

We passed the Delacroix musee – He painted the famous huge LIBERTE  –

(Musee Pass would have got us into this one as well) BUT passed it up – pretty tired. Missed Pantheon – as we had far to go in the other direction for Catacombs.  ;-(

Tuesday night – Eiffel Tower special EVENING tour – which I & B got  3 months in advanceThere were no lines for us. Of all my visits here from the last 40 years – this  was a first (for the Eiffel Tower – ever!)  It was awesome!!!  The “twinkling” came on while they were up there. WOW!  J did his “Mr Bean dance” while it was flashing. Too funny!!!      This is the way to see the Eiffel Tower!!      

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After the Eiffel, walked past through TROCADERO to get particular fantastic view , then to Le Wilson Cafe  on the square where we all ate a great dinner – and had some good drinks.   Had the Ladurie Macaroons for dessert!!!  I owe B a CASSIS!!!

SO the kids mom and dad went to their awesome hotel (Renaissance) on Poncaire

and we took kids back to apartment.

Took a trip to the “Moroccan Grocery” around the corner from us for fun candies. (Euros that you could eat!)   Papa’O had a movie for them as they slept in their parents bed.  (Grommet & Wallace)
visions of Eiffel and Paintings all in their heads ……………..

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  1. Great job…..can’t believe this was done all in the 3rd day!

    April 8, 2012

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