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Recipes – (in the Montmorency Apartment of M&D) on limited funds, no (English) recipes but a heart full of creativity!

LEEK AND POTATO SOUP – from just market leeks and little golden  Yukon type potatoes

(Go with whatever potatoes you have)

3 bunches of leeks with most of the tops cut off

Clean them and chop up in big chunks

1/2 bag of 5 pound  sack potatoes

crème fraîche



Saute leeks first in some olive oil and butter

Then add about 2 quarts of water and the potatoes (cut up)

When potatoes and leeks have cooked for about an hour( to hour and a half )- cut off heat.  Use immersion blender to blend all together to make a smooth consistency.  Add crème fraîche and butter and salt.  I had to guess on the salt and do not have the exact amount I threw in there, but tasted several times to get it right.  We do not overly salt our soups because we have to watch salt.   Serve hot in individual bowls and place a bit of crème fraîche on the top of the soup with a sprig of thyme, if you have it, or some rosemary, or  parsley

Note:  (for the crème fraîche – if you don’t have that, you can use sour cream, or you can make your own crème fraîche very easily – google “how to make your own crème fraîche”)

Rice  & Chicken with a crème fraîche and cheese sauce

served alone, as a side dish or in a crêpe

LEFTOVER chinese rice with bits of ham and peas and egg – 2 cups

(Can be wild rice, any rice you have leftover!!)

1/2 pound mushrooms, sliced

Creme Fraiche – 3/4 cup

Brie – few pieces

and soft organic goat cheese -3  large tablespoons

Saute 2 chicken breasts (mine from the Auchun) – cut them up in tiny pieces.  Add chicken pieces to  sautéed mushrooms in

( 1 teas olive oil and  one teas of butter)

Then add crème fraîche to the chicken and mushrooms and let it bubble up.

Throw in the leftover chinese rice and mix all together.

I placed about 1/4 cup mixture of the rice/mushroom/chicken in a crêpe, rolled up and heated on 200 c in my oven.  It only took about 10 minutes, but they came out nice and hot and tasty.

The rice dish is very good just by itself.

 Rotisserie Chicken Breasts stuffed with ham, scalloped potatoes, cheese

Take  2 medium-sized rotisserie chicken breasts and slice in half

Put a tablespoon of left over scalloped potatoes  on one side add ham and some blue cheese and or brie cheese ( the blue cheese or gorgonzola adds a bit of a kick)

Wrap chicken breast in individual foil packages and place in oven on high for about 10 minutes (400 degrees) or in my case – whatever I guess is “high” with this french oven.

Serve with small roasted potatoes and sautéed mushrooms and a green salad or green vegetable. Otherwise it’s an all white dish, not so appetizing.

It was even better the 2nd day!!

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  1. Jane #

    Sounds yummy. Could use a YouTube video to be sure to get it right!

    February 3, 2012
  2. David #

    Loved that chicken dish! Very creative.

    February 6, 2012

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